Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 12 recap & review

In Behind Your Touch episode 12, Ye-Bun asks for Jang-Yeol’s help in finding answers about her mother’s suicide years ago.


Ye-Bun spots Mr. Park going to stab Cha Ju-Man and stops him. Crying, he reveals he was going to kill the Assemblyman and that the reason behind it is that his parents died after being defrauded by Ju-Man’s promises during the redevelopment scam.

Ye-Bun later finds out that Ju-Man was Assemblyman Yoon’s confidant who was supposed to testify against him in court but never did.

After running into each other at different places that Seon-Woo frequents, Jong-Muk and Jang-Yeol share each other’s findings.

Jang-Yeol learns about Seon-Woo’s connection with Ju-Man and in exchange, he tells his superior that he suspects Seon-Woo of the serial killings, with psychometry and alien stuff thrown in the mix, which disorients Jong-Muk.

However, he later begins to get paranoid about Seon-Woo as well.

Ye-Bun asks Jang-Yeol to investigate her mother’s suicide, and he rules that there is a possibility that it was not a suicide and that Ju-Man’s testimony was the determining factor in police investigations coming to a close.

Ju-Man later visits Ye-Bun and disrespectfully rambles on about Mi-Ok’s death.

In private while heading out, he pierces Dr. Jung even more about being responsible for his daughter’s death, which the old man addresses as well, saying that it was not a suicide.

Ye-Bun learns about her grandfather’s stance on her mother’s death and confronts him about it. Later on, Ok-Hui helps Ju-Man knocked out by having a drink-off, giving Ye-Bun a chance to touch him.

She peeks into the memories in detail and finds that he did kill her mother. Meanwhile, Jang-Yeol sends Deok-Hee to keep tabs on Seon-Woo, but a lapse on his part sees the guy elude him for some time.

Jang-Yeol runs off to Ju-Man’s office immediately after getting Deok-Hee’s call and sees the Assemblyman stabbed to death, near Dr. Jung’s bloodied and stabbed body, with the killer’s knife placed in his hands.

Jang-Yeol asks Ye-Bun to touch her grandfather to help him catch the killer, who he claims is not Dr. Jung. She is unfortunately too late to do so as her grandfather flatlines.

Mr. Park is nabbed as a suspect in the murders as Behind Your Touch episode 12 rolls the credits.


  • Behind Your Touch episode 12 paces things up and sees Ju-Man be killed by the serial killer. This puts to rest early speculations regarding him being a serial killer.
  • However, he does turn out to be a scummy politician who does commit at least one direct murder, but his death also takes away from a potentially more cathartic conclusion to his character.
  • Dr. Jung’s storyline is immensely painful for not just him but also those surrounding him. It’s gut-wrenching to see Ye-Bun unable to take a peek inside his heart and possibly witness a warmer corner for herself there.
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 12
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 12 recap & review 1

Kim Seok-yoon, Choi Bo-yoon

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2023-09-17 20:30

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