Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 14 recap & review

In Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 14, Jang-Yeol and Ye-Bun are wrong again about the guy they suspect to be the killer. Later, Ye-Bun witnesses a tragedy after coming across a damning piece of evidence.


Jang-Yeol and Ye-Bun go to find Gwang-Sik at his home but he’s gone out somewhere. Jang-Yeol drops Ye-Bun off and goes out alone to find him, coming across the killer by sheer chance instead, and it’s not Gwang-Sik.

Jang-Yeol gives him a good fight but the nimble poncho killer eludes him again. He later sees Seon-Woo’s bloodied hand and suspects him again, when Ye-Bun calls him informing him about Gwang-Sik, who crashes at her place all bloodied and injured.

Before dying, Gwang-Sik mentions the word “Black” to Ye-Bun and Jang-Yeol deduces he must have been referring to the blackouts in the memories, and that there must be a trick to fake them.

He also theorizes that the killer is now killing while having his eyes open, and still creating the blackout somehow. He attempts to see if people can be accurately tracked down just by feeling their presence, with Jong-Muk and Deok-Hee’s help.

They conclude that it’s impossible, proving all the more that the killer is doing his deeds with his eyes open, which also tracks with the way his attacks have only become more and more accurate, targeting only the vital spots.

Jang-Yeol suspects Seon-Woo even more and even forcefully searches his place but the latter has had enough and asks for a search warrant. Seon-Woo asks Ye-Bun to touch him if she suspects him as well, but she refuses, reassuring him that she believes him.

Jang-Yeol grows increasingly concerned for Ye-Bun’s safety and when Jong-Muk is directed by the chief to strictly stay out of the case and go out for another petty issue, Jang-Yeol prepares for their absence.

He locks up Ye-Bun at the station and tells her it’s for her safety. However, she feeds Detective Kang her true ramblings about psychometry and the killer’s tricks, successfully annoying him and her way out of the cell.

Seon-Woo calls her to his workshop and she heads off immediately, leaving Ok-Hui to inform Jang-Yeol about that. He takes a detour to head for her.

Park Jong-Bae escorts her to the workshop and later when he has to go to the washroom, Ye-Bun opens Seon-Woo’s box of equipment to see, to her utter shock, the bloodied knife of the killer.

She runs off terrified and Seon-Woo tries to stop her, making her run even faster until she is stopped by the killer wearing a poncho right in front of her. Seon-Woo catches up and stops the killer while asking Ye-Bun to run away.

She hides in a spot until she recalls his words about having only her for a person who can trust him. She goes back to the scene with a shovel and finds Seon-Woo lying still with wounds, seemingly dead, as Behind Your Touch episode 14 ends.


  • Kim Seon-Woo not being the killer when Jang-Yeol has been so persistently after him suspecting that he’s the killer, is sure to leave a bitter taste not only in Jang-Yeol but the viewers’ mouths as well.
  • Behind Your Touch episode 14 delivers such a tragic end to Seon-Woo, who died not having anyone he could call his own in the world as he sacrificed his life full of potential to save someone.
  • While Jang-Yeol and Ye-Bun are surely going to be endgame in the Behind Your Touch finale, this tragedy will create a rift, and a justified one at that, between them.
  • Again, Park Jong-Bae has fallen under suspicion and it does seem that he is the killer indeed. The only thing that frees him of this suspicion is that the poncho killer seems far too nimble and athletic, whereas Mr. Park is not, at all.
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 14
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 14 recap & review 1

Kim Seok-yoon, Choi Bo-yoon

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2023-09-24 20:30

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