Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 16 recap, review & ending explained

Behind Your Touch episode 16 marks the finale which sees Jang-Yeol and Ye-Bun get into a cat-and-mouse chase with the serial killer before the climactic conclusion kicks off.


Jang-Yeol and Ye-Bun pull a risky maneuver to get Jong-Bae out of custody so he can lead them to Ok-Hui, but Baek Sun-Gil and his men kidnap Jang-Yeol and Ye-Bun, thanks to Jong-Bae’s preparations beforehand.

They eventually free themselves and a cat-and-mouse chase between them and Jong-Bae commences, as Ok-Hui is also rescued. Jong-Bae tries his best but Jang-Yeol and Ye-Bun take him down with a joint effort.

Jang-Yeol heads off to Seoul as he had planned but before departing he suggests that Ye-Bun can come see him after she’s done with all the plans about her life and career. She does meet him eight months later and offers help.

She goes to prison to help out in the case and the two escape trouble at the end of their covert mission, off to their first date as the Behind Your Touch finale rolls the credits.

Behind Your Touch season 1 ending explained in detail:

How is Bae Ok-Hui rescued?

Bae Ok-Hui was carried and dumped in a container in a remote area and to make matters difficult for the rescuers, Jong-Bae carried out this task while his eyes closed.

However, while Ye-Bun can’t see where he took Ok-Hui, she can trace his steps through the sounds she can remember from the background in the memories that he peeked into earlier.

This idea is suggested to her by Kim Yong-Myeong, who’s out there at the nearby site where many of Ok-Hui’s friends and familiars have arrived to look for her.

Ye-Bun’s recalling of the sounds from Jong-Bae’s memories leads Yong-Myeong to the place and the last piece of the puzzle he figures out himself, successfully finding and saving Ok-Hui.

Is Jong-Bae caught?

Park Jong-Bae plays three-dimensional chess near the end of Behind Your Touch, as he quite incredibly prepares fail-safe measures in case he gets caught.

He kidnaps Ok-Hui before his arrest and dumps her inside a container in a remote place that he keeps a secret from Ye-Bun by closing his eyes while he dumps Ok-Hui there so that the psychic veterinarian can’t see through his memories.

However, she does end up figuring it out by hearing the sounds around him as he carries Ok-Hui to the place. Before that, however, he gets Ye-Bun and Jang-Yeol to free him from custody and take him to the place where he stopped his car with Ok-Hui’s unconscious body with him.

He doesn’t tell them the exact location because he already has another arrangement ready so that he can elude them and the police.

He had called Baek Sun-Gil to find Jang-Yeol. And sure enough, Baek does arrive with his men to find Jang-Yeol and beat him up before kidnapping him and Ye-Bun.

Jong-Bae threatens Baek by blurting out all his secrets to him, which he reveals he knows because he’s a psychic. That’s how he gets Baek to arrange for his escape to China in one of his boats.

Baek tries to test if Ye-Bun is a legitimate psychic or not and finds out that she is. However, it’s too as she frees Jang-Yeol who beats all of Baek’s men and uses the mafia don to help him find Jong-Bae.

The serial killer is too intelligent to be caught so easily, though, as he flees from the boat and later runs off from the two protagonists who are trailing him in a cat-and-mouse chase that makes the finale quite thrilling.

Ye-Bun manages to use her powers on the kids she disperses in the name of playing hide and seek. Touching one of their butts shows her the location of Jong-Bae, who flees again, and tries to stop Jang-Yeol and Ye-Bun by hurting random strangers.

He then kidnaps Ye-Bun and holds a knife to her neck, as Jang-Yeol approaches. Jang-Yeol bluffs as he claims to have a superpower of his own and by distracting him, the two are able to take down Park Jong-Bae, as the finale of Behind Your Touch moves to the epilogue.

Are Bong Ye-Bun and Moon Jang-Yeol together?

Bong Ye-Bun clearly has feelings for Moon Jang-Yeol, and he perhaps has even more intense feelings for her. Before departing for Seoul, he intentionally skips many buses so that Ye-Bun might come and see him off.

She runs hard to arrive at the bus terminal and is pleasantly surprised to see he’s still there. He asks what her plans are and she says she might open a new clinic. He then asks her to come see him once she’s done with these goals.

Eight months later, Ye-Bun is busy making one TV appearance after another, as a lady of miracles who can communicate with animals by touching them. After one of her appearances, she visits Jang-Yeol and later offers him her help.

Initially hesitant, he eventually accepts her offer and sends her to a prison to find out about the operations of a drug lord. She helps him out and he comes to save her when she’s about to be hurt by the criminal.

Before they take a run for it, Jang-Yeol tells Ye-Bun to go with him to eat out and then to a movie.

Ye-Bun asks if he’s taking her out on a date, and sure enough, even if it’s not explicitly put into words, they are at the beginning of an adorable relationship. With that, the Behind Your Touch finale rolls the credits.


  • Behind Your Touch episode 16 marks the show’s finale as many thrilling elements build to a climax that feels like a bit of a dud.
  • Jang-Yeol and Ye-Bun’s relationship does not feel as gratifying as it would have with more moments of chemistry between them.
  • The way the show has been able to go dark and grim despite its largely comedic overtones, something about the finale feels missing in terms of a good balance between the drama and the comedy.
  • It also exposes how the plot and the mystery distract the narrative from more effective paths and choices, whether it be the Cha Ju-Man and the Mujin redevelopment scam, or the serial killings cases.
  • Jang-Yeol is able to get back at Baek for what he did to Park Seung-Gil, but it doesn’t feel nearly as cathartic as it should have been.
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 16
Behind Your Touch season 1 episode 16 recap, review & ending explained 1

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