Citadel season 1 episode 5 recap & review: Time Renders Us Enemies

In the fifth episode of Citadel, Nadia reveals the truth that she has been hiding from Mason for years. The episode is now streaming on Prime Video.


In the past, Nadia had asked Mason to bring back Celeste since there was no sign of Davik hunting her down. Mason did not tell her what he had done to Celeste. In fact, he asked her to marry him.

In the present, when Bernard tells Anders about Abby and offers to take him to her, Anders decides to help him escape, but before Anders could do that, he is shot by Dahlia. One of her men then chokes him to death.

Bernard tells Dahlia that a man named Thomas would be ashamed of what she has become. She wishes to carry forward Thomas’s legacy of disarmament. She does not regret killing Citadel spies, as she is ready to kill several people if it means preventing innocent people from losing their loved ones as she did.

She tells Bernard that one of Citadel’s spies came to her on their own accord eight years ago; they were hurt because they were lied to by the organization. 

The scene shifts to nine years ago. Nadia gets a secure message and discovers that Celeste was backstopped. She questions Bernard about it and asks him if Mason knew.

Nadia then meets Mason and gives him a chance to come clean to her, but he pretends like he did not know about Celeste’s backstopping. Finally, when Nadia confronts him, he admits that he did it to protect Nadia, as he believes that she might be a mole.

However, Nadia is not a mole. She took the Oz Key because she wanted to destroy it so that no one will ever be able to attain that kind of power. The two of them argue, and Mason claims that she was always looking for a reason to leave.

Mason was five years old when his father died and his mother abandoned him. It was Citadel that gave him an identity. That cannot be said about Nadia. She always existed because of her parents, and Mason believes that she now wants to hide so she doesn’t have to show her real self to anyone.

Nadia tells Mason that she cannot love him. She says goodbye to him and leaves behind the ring he had given her.

She then meets a man named Rahi Gambhir, who promises to get her to Valencia. Rahi asks her what is she going to do about Mason once she leaves Citadel. Nadia tells him that Mason can never find out about this.

Back in the present, Carter accuses Nadia of working with Manticore, as she met Rahi Gambhir, who is a known terrorist. Nadia does not answer their questions and focuses on getting them out of Manticore’s black site.

Dahlia asks Bernard to give her the password to the Citadel A.I. system. When he refuses, she threatens to kill his family, as she has found their location. To protect his family, he is forced to give her the password. 

Dahlia does not spare Bernard’s family, even though he gives her the codes. However, their security system picks up the threat, and his family rushes to evacuate the place. Dahlia has plans to launch nuclear weapons the next day, and she gets her people to send Bernard to Brazil.

She is also told by Davik that Nadia, Mason, and Carter are fleeing Morocco. Additionally, Davik informs her about intercepting communication between Nadia and Rahi. Dahlia then lies to Davik and tells him that Anders was killed by Bernard.

While escaping, Carter accuses Nadia again. He believes that she was the mole because a year before Citadel fell, she left Tier-One and disappeared, and it was Mason who found out that she was in Valencia with Rahi.

Nadia is then forced to tell them that she was in Valencia because her daughter was there, and she had to keep this a secret because she wanted to keep her daughter safe. Mason is the father of the child, but she never told him about her pregnancy. 

She contacted Rahi when she found out about her pregnancy because Rahi is her father. He helped her get to Valencia and was there for her when she gave birth. Nadia has not seen her daughter for the past eight years. 

Meanwhile, Manticore interrupts Russia’s tracking of its Dead Hand submarine, but they need Mason Kane, as he is the only one who has access to the nuclear weapons.

In the past, when Grace contacted Nadia and asked her to go to Italy, she agreed because she had decided to tell Mason about their daughter, Asha. She left her daughter with her father, but she never returned to them because she lost her memories.

Manticore’s agents find Nadia, Mason, and Carter. They make Mason talk to Dahlia, who tells him about a submarine that has nuclear weapons. Manticore needs his help to retrieve them. She tells Mason that he will have to help her because they have kidnapped Asha.


  • The episode mainly focuses on Nadia’s truth. While it was not surprising that Nadia was not the traitor, the existence of her daughter was an unexpected twist.
  • However, the show keeps trying to mislead the audience and build tension with half-truths, but since it is done in the exact same manner in every episode, the pattern has become quite predictable.
  • Anders’ death was another unexpected twist in the episode, but this one was executed well, which made it exciting. 
  • Apart from the identity of the traitor, the episode also gets the audience intrigued about Dahlia’s past. She is one of those antagonists who believe in creating peace through violence, and that has something to do with her past.
Citadel season 1 episode 5
Citadel season 1 episode 5 recap & review: Time Renders Us Enemies 1

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