Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 15 recap & review: The Result of Chance and Inevitability

In Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 15, Lee Sun-Jae’s confession snowballs into a public scandal; Chi-Yeol catches up to Dong-Hui as he makes his final move.


Crash Course in Romance episode 15 opens with Sun-Jae’s confession leading to a scandal at the school. Su-Hui leads the battalion of outraged parents demanding Sun-Jae’s expulsion as well as a re-evaluation of his previous performances, all in order to have significant competition out of the way of her daughter.

Chi-Yeol sends Dong-Hui for a meeting and in his absence, goes to investigate his room, where he finds all of his photographs and the pen that he once used to have and had given to Su-Hyeon. He also finds Su-Hyeon’s diary and finally connects the dots.

Meanwhile, the detectives carry on their investigations and figure out that Dong-Hui is Jeong Seong-Hyeon. Chi-Yeol later learns that Dong-Hui didn’t make it to the meeting; he’s gone to the hospital where Hae-e, as he had learned, is recovering.

Before Dong-Hui can choke Hae-e to death, Haeng-Seon arrives and pushes him back, only to invite his fury but before he can attack her with a vase, Chi-Yeol arrives and knocks him down. The star teacher then gives chase to his manager to run up the stairs and stops at the terrace.

Chi-Yeol asks him why he’s doing this, to which Dong-Hui replies with anger and frustration, telling him that he’s the only adult he could trust and wished to protect. Chi-Yeol helps him realize a bit that his selfish and guilt-free murders have to stop.

However, the way that Dong-Hui can bring all of his actions to a close is by committing suicide, which he does, even with Chi-Yeol’s repeated efforts at preventing and discouraging him from doing so.

Hae-e finally becomes conscious and is not fond to find her overtly zealous and animated biological mother. Meanwhile, her friends Dan-Ji and Geon-Hu visit and check up on her. Sun-Jae drops out of school.

He later visits Hae-e and gives her the hair band that he had bought for her. Later, he confesses that he’s had a crush on her for a long time, asking her out on a date, only to be rejected, at least until Hae-e finishes her CSAT.

Su-Hui has already started to lose the prominence she used to have among her group of moms when she and everyone with her finds Su-Hui’s husband having the time of his life while on a date with his affair.

Su-Hui rages out and beats her husband, and the video goes viral in no time. Meanwhile, Haeng-Ja continues to be shameless as she begins lusting after Chi-Yeol’s money, even asking him for a car.

Later, she calls him to ask for cash when Hae-e arrives and takes her phone away, warning her that if she continues to behave this way and ruin Haeng-Seon’s relationship with Chi-Yeol, she’ll kill herself.

Destroyed by what she witnesses in the form of her mother, she cries her heart out, when Sun-Jae calls her and later the two meet at their usual hanging spot. She shares how she’s so devastated at the state of her mother, who she’d always had these fantasies and imagined scenarios with.

She hates that her mother is here and now she can’t even imagine her biological mom being a good person. Sun-Jae consoles her and tells her that they don’t get to choose their parents; that they can only try to become better than them.

Crash Course in Romance episode 15 ends with the family throwing a Birthday party for Hae-e, who wishes for her aunt and uncle to be happy forever. When she reveals it to everyone, they are confused. Hae-e explains further, telling them all that she has decided to go to Japan with her mother.


  • Crash Course in Romance ends its penultimate episode with some closures and some cliffhangers. While Dong-Hui’s story concludes with a tragic end, it also feels a bit rushed.
  • However, it doesn’t detract from his send-off in any significant capacity, and a suicide instead of an arrest feels more in tune with the whole tragic affair that his life has been, as well as the dark underbelly of education that it reflects on.
  • Hae-e’s rejection is so brutal it doesn’t even get screentime, and even if the show ends without closure on her love triangle, it won’t affect much of her development that’s central to the story of Crash Course in Romance.
  • However, the conclusion to the cliffhanger she leaves everyone with at the end of the episode is predictable, and definitely a source of many oncoming tears.
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 15
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 15 recap & review: The Result of Chance and Inevitability 1

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