Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 5 recap & review: The Secret Probability of X and Y

In Crash Course in Romance episode 5, Chi-Yeol begins tutoring Hae-e, with a couple of conditions of his own. Meanwhile, the recent tragedy that transpired on the premises of The Pride Academy comes to light.


Crash Course in Romance episode 5 begins with Chi-Yeol setting some conditions if he’s to tutor Hae-e. The first one is that he must not get paid for his services.

However, Haeng-Seon must provide him with lunches twice a day, one to be delivered to his doorstep and another one he’ll take by himself on his way out every evening.

Even when she insists on providing him lunches free of cost, he refuses to accept the offer, explaining to her that he can’t accept anything that can be misconstrued as monetary compensation for his tutoring services, since that would be illegal.

His other condition is that Haeng-Seon must not reveal to anyone about this, not even Dong-Hui or her friends. They both begin keeping their arrangement a secret. Meanwhile, Hae-e is really glad and thankful for this, expressing her disbelief to Haeng-Seon and that she’ll try her hardest at her studies now.

Young-Min’s body is discovered and Chi-Yeol’s is also questioned. He becomes distressed again and even in the wake of such a tragedy, the moms — Su-Hui and Ms. Jang precisely — are not content with any study breaks for their children.

They pull strings and arrange the classes to resume as is. Meanwhile, Geon-Hu continues to make advances on Hae-e with the excuse of studies and she finally agrees to help him out.

A jealous Sun-Jae asks him what his real intentions with Hae-e are, also revealing to him that he has a crush on her. Geon-Hu teases him by saying that he might have a crush on her too.

Detective Song I-Tae tells his junior that the Young-Min case will be closed soon as his grandfather is an assemblyman and wishes for it to be closed without much fuss.

The junior detective, who’s more active and investigative demands that it not be rushed, given the confounding nature of his presumed suicide and conflicting developments leading up to it.

His colleague takes him to the side and tells him that I-Tae was known as “The Bulldozer” long ago, but after the case where the middle schooler allegedly killed his mother, he was proven wrong when the kid was acquitted and with his reputation sullied, he has been sweeping everything under the rug ever since.

That’s what he’s doing right now too, although it’s later revealed that his longing for closure on that 10-year-old case still burns plenty.

Meanwhile, his junior keeps looking for clues and he finds one when he spots a shiny little blur zoom across the screen in one of the surveillance footage of Young-Min’s last moments.

Chi-Yeol begins tutoring Hae-e and is perturbed by an overtly enthusiastic Haeng-Seon, and later lashes out at her.

Jae-Woo gets into a scuffle with the boyfriend of the waffle shop employee whose waffles he’s infatuated with, on account of a misunderstanding that he’s instead infatuated with his girlfriend.

The scuffle leads to Jae-Woo pushing the boyfriend who gets hurt and as a result, Jae-Woo is locked up. Chi-Yeol drops Haeng-Seon at the station himself and she apologizes to the couple, begging them to drop charges, which the girl eventually does.

Later on, Haeng-Seon gets drunk at her go-to spot, and after Chi-Yeol had already gotten late as a result of keeping his private tutoring a secret from Dong-Hui, spots her and keeps her company.

When she forces him, he also gets drunk and eventually has to be carried over to her house, where he wakes up the next day to his horrors.

Following this, he bolts out of the house, only to be confronted by Dong-Hui and Yeong-Ju, before Crash Course in Romance episode 5 rolls the credits.


  • Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 5 is a delight in parts where the central romance transpires, and a grim affair in parts where other storylines do, keeping a healthy balance that the show has been able to strike pretty competently thus far.
  • The ten-year-old case involving the middle schooler allegedly killing his mother is mentioned again, and it’s clear that it will play an integral role in the story moving forward.
  • Is Geon-Hu somehow involved in something nefarious too? Or will his nefarious role (granted he has one to play) be confronted by Sun-Jae’s murderous vigilant brother?
  • Meanwhile, the noose of controversies and a murky past continues to tighten on Chi-Yeol, and he doesn’t even know of it yet.
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 5
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 5 recap & review: The Secret Probability of X and Y 1

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