Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 6 recap & review: There Are No Correct Answers in Life, Only Best Answers

In Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 6, Chi-Yeol has to contend with his dark past while Su-a catches on to Hae-e’s Pride Academy worksheets.


Dong-Hui confronts Chi-Yeol about giving private lessons to Hae-e in secret and Chi-Yeol shuts him down after failing to get him onboard by saying he does it because he felt bad for the unfair treatment that the student received.

On the other hand, Yeong-Ju becomes quite upset with Haeng-Seon for keeping the secret from her. Haeng-Seon eventually manages to cheer her best friend up, who warns Haeng-Seon that this is the last time she’s pulling anything like this with her.

Jin Yi-Sang posts a defamatory string of text on which Chi-Yeol eventually reads when it’s brought to his attention by his staff and it immediately gets to him since it’s connected to a traumatic part of his past that continues to haunt him.

He later meets Jeon Jong-Ryeol and asks him about the case of Jeong Su-Hyeon and her mother’s death, telling him that he was struggling in the countryside at that time and never knew that the case of the middle schooler allegedly killing his mother was about Su-Hyeon’s family.

As he takes two days off and cancels his class with Hae-e, Haeng-Seon delivers his food to him, who’s half-asleep and she has to carry him over to the bed while also wondering aloud about his lonely and tough life.

The junior detective finally makes significant progress when a woman reports a curious case of someone killing cats with metal balls. Meanwhile, Hae’s worksheets are found by Su-a, who rummages through her stuff when everyone’s out of the class.

Elsewhere, Geon-Hu continues to make advances on Hae-e, and jealous Sun-Jae keeps trying to prevent him from making said advances. When he returns to class, he confronts Su-a and covers for Hae-e, telling her that it’s he who gave her the worksheets.

Later, when he wishes to talk to Hae-e about it, Geon-Hu intervenes and after Hae-e tells him she’ll talk to him when she’s done with Geon-Hu, a jealous and frustrated Sun-Jae storms off the class.

Haeng-Seon, Hae-e, and Jae-Woo go camping and stumble upon Chi-Yeol, who’s come to fish as some sort of coping mechanism after all the traumatic memories he recently contended with.

Haen-Seon and Chi-Yeol open up more and the chemistry between the two grows more solid. The next day, Hae-e meets up with Sun-Jae, and the two patch up, following which Sun-Jae addresses the Su-a problem.

After a great time eating and at the Karaoke, they run into Sun-Jae’s brother, Hui-Jae, who has been running from the junior detective who caught on to him while patrolling the nearby area where the woman raised the complaint from.

Initially avoiding him, Sun-Jae turns and calls on him, introducing his brother to Hae-e. Later on, he shares his secret about his older brother with Hae-e, and also how he became a shut-in due to her mother’s pressure for studies.

Hae-e decides to share a secret with Sun-Jae too, telling him about Chi-Yeol giving him private tuition all this time. Both of them promise to trust each other with their secrets.

However, Hae-e’s secret stands to be exposed when Su-Hui learns from Su-a that Sun-Jae has been sharing his academy work with Hae-e. Moments later, the two spot Chi-Yeol’s car driving by.

Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 6 ends with Su-Hui and Su-a tailing Chi-Yeol to Haeng-Seon’s shop before the episode rolls the credits.


  • Episode 6 is arguably the most important installment of Crash Course in Romance thus far, as one of the central conflicts comes to light and its relevance to a wider societal concern is highlighted remarkably well.
  • The mothers in the show are in running for the ‘Worst Parent Ever’ award, except of course for Haeng-Seon, who’s having quite a turnaround with Chi-Yeol, who also seems to be finally falling for her, even if a little.
  • Chi-Yeol’s past is properly fleshed out and the middle schooler brother of Su-Hyeon is revealed, and judging by the fact that his current whereabouts are unknown, it seems highly likely that it’s someone in plain sight that both the audiences and Chi-Yeol himself are very unsuspecting of.
  • Hui-Jae, who has been the prime suspect of being the antagonist here, may very likely be a red herring, while Chi-Yeol’s real enemy revels in the background, and under everyone’s noses, but who exactly is he might not be answered until very late in Crash Course in Romance.
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 6
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 6 recap & review: There Are No Correct Answers in Life, Only Best Answers 1

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