Demon Slayer season 3 episode 5 recap & review: Bright Red Sword

In Demon Slayer season 3 episode 5, Nezuko helps Tanjiro find a way to further strengthen his sword and deal a stronger, unprecedented attack on the Hantengu clones.


Tokito carries Kotetsu on his back while dashing off to save Kozo, which he does, before heading off to take his new sword so he can go save Haganezuka and the village chief.

However, outside the shed where his new sword is kept, he encounters Gyokko, who emerges out of his porcelain vase and breaks out in eccentric theatrics that Tokito has no time to entertain.

Saving the two swordsmiths, Tokito takes on a needle attack by Gyokko, following which he retaliates but gets stuck inside one of the water-type attacks from the demon. Meanwhile, Gyokko’s Blood Demon Art fishes wreak havoc in the village.

Mitsuri arrives and makes quick work of the demons, including the stronger one that nearly kills the Village Chief. She saves him and others with her whip sword while Tanjiro and Nezuko are caught under the rubble after the attack of the clones.

Nezuko won’t let go of Tanjiro’s swords, even when her hands start to bleed, which concerns and befuddles Tanjiro until he sees that the sword starts to turn red, engulfed in red flames from her Blood Demon Art.

He receives an inherited memory before he employs this new bright red sword to behead Sekido, Karaku, and Urogi before they can even do anything. However, they would not perish completely unless all four clones are beheaded at the same time.

While wondering that, Tanjiro looks away to see Genya having beheaded Aizetsu too. However, when he looks at Tanjiro, the latter is shocked and terrified to see a distorted visage that looks awfully similar to that of a demon.


  • Tanjiro’s quick attack with the red sword is where the animation and the hype peak in Demon Slayer season 3 episode 5, with the animation reminding everyone how visually great the anime can be at its best moments.
  • Genya’s demon face is a shocker that has been hinted at previously, with the suspicious and eerie confidence that he’s sported all along in his battle with such vicious demons.
  • Mitsuri’s arrival is another highlight in the episode and it’s a pleasant surprise to see her weapon and her moves in action.
Demon Slayer season 3 episode 5
Demon Slayer season 3 episode 5 recap & review: Bright Red Sword 1

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