Demon Slayer season 3 episode 8 recap & review: The Mu in Muichiro

In Demon Slayer season 3 episode 8, Muichiro finally regains his memory and preps for the battle ahead with Gyokko.


After breaking out of the water prison pot, he recalls the memories of his past which he couldn’t for years until now. He remembers how he was the child of a lumberjack and used to assist him in chopping wood.

When his mother’s illness became all too severe one stormy night, his father ventured out to collect herbs, only to trip and fall off a narrow and loose ledge, dying while clutching the herbs in his hands. Meanwhile, his wife died that night too.

Muichiro continued living with his twin, Yuichiro, who bears a lot of sadness and resentment for the way he got deprived of his parents, always lashing out at Muichiro for being hopelessly optimistic like their parents who always wanted to save others and put themselves aside.

He also lashed out at Muichiro for being incompetent and frail while trying to be optimistic and reminding him of their parents. One day, Lady Amane visited them and told them about their legendary swordsmen lineage, asking them to become swordsmen too.

Muichiro is excited to be able to help others and slash away at demons, but it only gets on Yuichiro’s nerves, and he unleashes his anger on his brother for being so naive and optimistic, for reminding him of his parents who he tried to save but who ultimately died because of their selflessness.

On one summer night, a demon arrives and goes to kill Muichiro, prompting Yuichiro to jump in and gets his arm slashed away. This fills Muichiro with unimaginable rage that blocks everything away and he ends up killing the demon.

He returns to find Yuichiro muttering with his last breath a prayer to the gods to save his brother and acknowledging his kindness and other qualities. In the present day, Muichiro develops a scar on his face akin to the one Tanjiro does under dire circumstances.

He saves Kotetsu, manages to cut Gyokko before he transports to another pot, and with the help of a new sword from Kanamori, gives the Upper Moon demon a taste of his own medicine, slashing away at him at a limitless rate. Before the ultimate stage for the battle takes place, Demon Slayer season 3 episode 8 rolls the credits.


  • Demon Slayer season 3 episode 8 provides yet another of its classic painful flashbacks, this time one that delves into Muichiro’s past.
  • It’s certainly intriguing the way Muichiro’s absurd strength is siphoned off him when he’s put under direst of circumstances, like Tanjiro.
  • The animation in this episode is awe-inspiring at times, with the hyper-realistic flowing water and the scenes of the raging storm at the start.
Demon Slayer season 3 episode 8
Demon Slayer season 3 episode 8 recap & review: The Mu in Muichiro 1

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