Destined with You season 1 episode 3 recap & review

The third episode of Destined with You sees Hong-jo and Sin-yu going on a trip for the spell that might cure Sin-yu. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


When Sin-yu goes to pick up his girlfriend, Na-yeon, from a bar, the Red Hand makes an appearance, and Sin-yu ends up crashing his car into the plants that Hong-jo had planted there with a group of elderly people. 

Sin-yu informs the authorities about the incident and then goes to meet his girlfriend. Na-yeon wants to get married, but Sin-yu tells her that he needs time. He does not tell her why he needs time, as he thinks that dealing with his disease is something that he has to do on his own.

Hong-jo casts the love spell and prepares a potion. She needs to make Jae-gyeong drink it, so the next day, she pours it into Jae-gyeong’s glass when he goes to a meeting. However, she does not get to see if he drank it or not.

The mayor is angry to see the destroyed potted plants after Sin-yu’s accident, and when Hong-jo finds out that someone crashed into them, she goes to Sin-yu for a consultation. After telling her that it was his fault and that the matter has been resolved, he asks her to take the day off.

Mr. Gong allows Hong-jo to take the day off, and she gets ready to go on a trip with Sin-yu. When he comes to her house and sees the spell book, he finds out that she used the love spell to make Jae-gyeong fall in love with her.

Sin-yu needs Hong-jo to cast the disease-curing spell, and that is why he takes her to Jirisan Mountain. Meanwhile, Jae-gyeong realizes that Hong-jo’s coworkers must have shot the video of her confession and spread it. He does not report them, but he makes them delete the video.

Sin-yu and Hong-jo look for a flower that is needed for the spell, and Sin-yu tells her that he is cursed and that he needs the spell because his disease cannot be treated by doctors. Sin-yu’s feelings towards Hong-jo have changed overnight, and now he seems to like her a lot.

Once they find the flower, Hong-jo casts the spell at night. Hong-jo and Sin-yu do not know if either of the two spells that Hong-jo has cast has worked or not, but Sin-yu feels his heart beat faster when he is with her. He even tells her that she looks pretty. That night, he dreams of a girl.

Jae-gyeong calls Hong-jo and asks her to meet him, which makes Hong-jo think that the love spell worked. When Hong-jo and Sin-yu return to Onju, Sin-yu seems to be getting jealous of Jae-gyeong and doing things to make Hong-jo happy.

At the same time, Mr. Gong has been extremely worried about Ms. Ma, their department’s manager. He has been texting her since he found out that her husband cheated on her. Ms. Ma, who is now divorced, finally returns to work.

When Hong-jo returns to work, she finds out that Mr. Gong, who is being nice to her, also drank from her tumbler that had the love potion in it. She also meets Ms. Ma, who does not bully her like the others or exclude her from team dinners.

Whenever Hong-jo comes close to Sin-yu, his heart beats faster, and he cannot understand what is going on. Since he now works at the Onju City Hall, he has moved to Onju and does not live with his parents anymore.

Na-yeon believes that she can now visit him whenever she wants, but that very night, Sin-yu breaks up with her without telling her why he is suddenly ending their two-year-long relationship. 

Hong-jo goes to meet Jae-gyeong, and a jealous Sin-yu goes there to interrupt their meeting. However, he realizes something suddenly and does not approach Hong-jo and Jae-gyeong. Instead, he goes back to the City Hall and views the CCTV footage from the day Hong-jo switched Jae-gyeong’s water with her love potion.

It turns out that Jae-gyeong never drank the love potion. It was Sin-yu who drank it, and that is why he started liking Hong-jo. Sin-yu goes to Hong-jo’s house and tells her that, apart from Jae-gyeong, he also likes her, much to Hong-jo’s surprise.


  • Although not much happens in this episode in terms of plot progression, the episode is still entertaining. The show has improved a great deal now that the audience is familiar with the characters.
  • In this episode, the on-screen chemistry between the two main characters is great, and it certainly helps in getting the audience invested in their story.
  • The episode manages to make Hong-jo casting the spell seem magical without the use of over-the-top sound effects and visuals. It is magical in the most believable way. 
Destined with You season 1 episode 3
Destined with You season 1 episode 3 recap & review 1

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