Doctor Cha season 1 episode 8 recap & review

In Doctor Cha season 1 episode 8, Jeong-Suk finally puts it all together and learns of the affair she has been suspicious of all this time after the rest of her family learns about it as well.


The staff at Gusan University Hospital is abuzz with rumors of a love triangle between In-Ho, Jeong-Suk, and Roy Kim. Jeong-Suk manages to show Mr. Hwang the suffering that all other patients at the hospital are braving through and persuade him to live on.

Meanwhile, In-Ho agrees to meet Choi Eun-Seo when Seung-Hi encourages him to do so. However, Eun-So invites an unsuspecting I-Rang to the same place as well, and when she arrives, blurts out the secret of her father to her face.

After crying and coming to terms with the truth a bit, I-Rang confronts her father again, this time in front of her grandmother, and after she leaves, In-Ho tells it all to her mother, who is furious at him. All three agree not to reveal the truth to Jeong-Suk, and I-Rang makes it clear that she’s keeping his affair a secret not for his sake but her mother’s.

Meanwhile, Jung-Min learns about his father’s affair at the hospital, shortly after his sister and grandmother learn about it. He confronts his father and he has to come clean, following which they agree not to reveal it to Jeong-Suk as well.

Jung-Min later asks his father to either divorce Seung-Hi or his mother after her residency is over. Meanwhile, I-Rang’s friendship with Eun-Seo sours further. At the hospital, Roy Kim tries to tell Jeong-Suk the truth but she stops him before he can say anything, thinking he might be confessing his love for her.

Shortly thereafter, she comes across a staff member scrolling through Seung-Hi’s Instagram, admiring her rich lifestyle and vacation getaways with her husband. Jeong-Suk takes a peek and is horrified seeing all the posts about vacation spots that all suspiciously seem to be coinciding with In-Ho’s conference dates.

She eventually sees a post where In-Ho’s reflection is visible on the glass window behind Seung-Hi. She cries her heart out before heading to the birthday dinner her mother-in-law has arranged at a hotel, where the rest of the family awaits her.

She arrives at the table, and so does Seung-Hi, who’s behind her and has arrived there after she can’t seem to tolerate In-Ho celebrating Jeong-Suk’s birthday. Before this all can transpire, Doctor Cha episode 8 rolls the credits.


  • Doctor Cha episode 8 marks a big turning point in the show as the big truth about the adulterous affair is revealed to everyone, including Jeong-Suk.
  • The revelation also clears up a way for Roy Kim to enter the picture and increase his efforts at courting Jeong-Suk, which also makes way for the rivalry between him and In-Ho to become even more fierce.
  • However, the most interesting bit of development that’s worth looking out for is how Jeong-Suk takes this revelation and how Seung-Hi and her daughter’s lives are changed from here on out.
Doctor Cha season 1 episode 8
Doctor Cha season 1 episode 8 recap & review 1

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2023-05-07 20:30

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