Doom Patrol season 4 episode 6 recap & review: Hope Patrol

In episode 6 of Doom Patrol, Rita and Laura travel to the Ant Farm to find out more about Immortus while the others are introduced to the realm of Orqwith. The episode is streaming on HBO Max.


Cliff is working on the car when Jane wakes up in the back seat back to her old self. In fact, Cliff points out that she’s looking older than usual, and Jane immediately deduces that Bunbury took her longevity.

While she’s freaking out, Cliff tells her that she should just accept the approaching death and figure out what she wants in life and try to achieve it.

Larry is being escorted to a bone temple by the scissormen when Mr 104 shows up and rescues him. He tells Larry that this place is called Orqwith and it is a pocket dimension.

He asks Larry if he truly meant what he said about helping him control his powers and when Larry says yes, he agrees to help them fight Immortus.

Rita is all but ready to give up but Laura convinces her to carry on. She suggests that they sneak into the Ant Farm because she’s certain that the Bureau would know more about Immortus.

Jane visits the underground and finds the other personalities doing their own puzzles. She gets frustrated that no one else wants to fight to survive and lashes out.

Mr 104 takes Larry back to the mansion where they meet Cliff but Keeg sends Larry back after finding out that Immortus can ensure they stay together for as long as possible.

Derek drives Vic back to the mansion and they show up soon after Larry is knocked into the portal. They follow in after him even though Vic told Derek to stay behind.

Rita and Laura go down to the records department and realize that their information is with Wally Sage, one of the metahumans that Laura classified as a weapon. They visit him in his cell and as soon as Rita sees him, she’s reminded of the past and turns into a blob and seemingly kills Wally.

Cliff’s Parkinson’s makes the mitten on his hand talk and it is revealed that he didn’t kill that last zombie butt and he’s actually a good person deep down. Cliff goes to Jane’s room to console her and agrees to help her fight back against Immortus.

A badly bruised Kipling appears and tells them that Bunbury was keeping Jane’s longevity safe but Immortus’ agents showed up and wiped the floor with them. Cliff and Jane are unperturbed and head out to do their thing.

Larry is taken back to the temple where he is restrained and Keeg shows him the future that the old Keeg showed him where Larry had to die for the world to survive. Larry agrees to trust Keeg and let go of his longevity.

The alarm rings at the Ant Farm alerting everyone of Rita and Laura’s presence. Derek figures out a key aspect of the Orqwith but they’re not able to use it to their advantage as they’re captured.

Cliff and Jane show up in Orqwith as well and one of the robed followers of Immortus reveals himself to be a younger, stronger Wally Sage who is alive and well. Cliff’s “hand” reminds him that he didn’t shut the freezer properly as the defrosted zombie butt is shown escaping out into the world.


  • Cliff and Jane’s dynamic is once again depicted in such a wonderful manner and continues to be one of the most entertaining relationships in the series. The bond that they share is elevated by the performances of Diane Guerrero and Brendan Fraser.
  • The Orqwith dimension looks particularly creepy and has a really sinister vibe to it that deserves some recognition.
  • Joivan Wade also puts in a great performance as Vic in this episode. His character is still holding onto his past mistakes and trying to fix them but Derek helps him get closer to realizing that he needs to move forward.
Doom Patrol season 4 episode 6
Doom Patrol season 4 episode 6 recap & review: Hope Patrol 1

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