Drops of God season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Legacy

In the sixth episode of Drops of God, Camille goes to Italy to find the answers that will help her win the second test. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


To find the wine linked to Fede Galizia’s painting, Camille decides to go to Italy. She takes Lorenzo with her, as he can speak Italian. They meet an expert on Italian paintings, who tells them that the painting is not just Fede’s; it was painted by Fede and her father, Nunzio Galizia.

They then decide to visit the house of Nunzio Galizia in a village called Besenello. They take a room at a guesthouse, and the owner, Elisabetta, does not seem very friendly. Additionally, they fail to visit Nunzio Galizia’s house.

Meanwhile, Issei visits his mother and demands the truth about his real father, but his mother is more concerned about the family’s reputation than him and refuses to give him answers. When he tells her that he will get a DNA test, she gets anxious and tries to stop him, which confirms that Alexandre is his real father.

Based on the ingredients in the painting, Camille believes that the wine from the second test has to be white. She and Lorenzo meet the villagers in the hope of trying various white wines that are produced there, but the villagers are not welcoming.

Late at night, Elisabetta finds her awake and talks to her. Elisabetta’s father, who recently passed away, knew Alexandre and did not agree with him on a lot of things. 

Elisabetta tells Camille that the villagers never refused to let Alexandre try their wines. She encourages her to not give up and to keep trying to get the villagers to let her taste their wines.

Issei meets Ms. Katase, who is still trying to find Hirokazu. It is clear that Issei is troubled, so she asks him to take his time. He ends up telling her everything about Alexandre being his real father because he trusts her.

He has been feeling lost since the time he discovered the truth. Alexandre knew that Issei was his son, but he never talked to him about anything other than wine. Issei claims that with everything going on in his life, he no longer cares about the competition.

He invites Ms. Katase to his house to have dinner with him. When he tells her that his mother is selfish, she makes him understand that his mother’s lies protected him all these years. She also makes him smile, and the two end up sleeping together.

The next day, Camille gets the villagers to let her taste the wine by telling them that she is taking over the Léger Guides. The villagers fear the guide, so they allow her to taste their wines, but she fails to find the right one.

At the guest house, Elisabetta rebukes her and Lorenzo for using the guide to scare the villagers, as a lot of winemakers went bankrupt or were depressed for a long time because they received bad ratings in the guide. 

Elisabetta does not have a high opinion of Alexandre and thinks that Camille is not very different from him. This makes Camille call Thomas and apologize to him.

After that, when a winemaker tells Camille and Lorenzo that Elisabetta and her father were inseparable and that they made wine together, Camille gets an idea and asks Elisabetta to let her try the vintage wine she made with her father, which is called Casa dei Fossati.

Camille tastes this wine and gets the impression that it was made with so much honesty and love that this wine is family, legacy, and a sacred bond. This wine was made by the four hands of a father and a daughter, just like the painting.

Elisabetta and her father never let Alexandre include their wine in his guides. Elisabetta used to think that he was a manipulator. She now realizes that she was wrong about him and that Alexandre respected their work.

Ms. Katase finds a box with Alexandre’s name in Issei’s house and goes through its contents. She finds notes on several paintings, including Fede Galizia’s painting. That particular page has the name of the wine linked to the painting scribbled on the side.

Camille and Issei are asked to submit their answers that very day. They both give the correct answer, but Issei crosses out his answer, as he thinks that he does not deserve to win. 

However, he regrets writing an answer at all, as Camille might see this act as a display of his arrogance, and that is exactly what happens. Camille wins the second test and decides to share this with Thomas, who is with his fiancé.

She also decides to tell Luca that she has decided not to take over the guides, as she cannot take the responsibility of deciding the future and destroying the lives of so many people she has never even met.

This infuriates Luca. He tells Camille that he will make sure that she loses the third test and with that, her inheritance. He yells at her and asks her to leave. An upset Camille leaves with tears in her eyes.  


  • This episode concludes the second test, and while the result was expected, the episode still manages to make the process interesting with twists like Issei stumbling upon the correct answer by chance.
  • The show has been hinting at Issei and Ms. Katase’s romance for a while now. It has always been subtle, but the chemistry has been undeniable. Their scenes in this episode were definitely some of the best.
  • The audience was made to believe that Luca was selflessly trying to help Camille, and it was not hard to believe with the way his character was depicted. When the other side of him is shown, it truly surprises the audience.
Drops of God season 1 episode 6
Drops of God season 1 episode 6 recap & review: Legacy 1

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