Extrapolations season 1 episode 4 recap & review: 2059: Face of God

Episode 4 of Extrapolations is set in 2059 and follows Jonathan who suspects that his ex-wife’s latest invention — a pilot-less solar-powered airplane — entails more than what appears on the surface.


Jonathan Chopin is an ex-Alpha employee and a geoengineer, and with his ex-wife Gita Mishra, he used to strive for geoengineering solutions to the climate change problem that has progressively gone from worse to worst.

It is 2059, and he celebrates when US President Burdick announces the signing of the Climate Intervention Treaty, which prevents geoengineering solutions from being made. However, his son Rowan, who sides with his stepmother on the solution to the issue, is dismayed at the announcement.

That’s why when Gita Mishra makes herself the guinea pig at the launch of ten of the world’s first commercial unmanned planes that are solar-powered and totally carbon neutral, in the presence of Rowan, Jonathan observes many red flags hoisting from this whole situation.

He’s right, as Gita’s plan is revealed which is essential to inject in the atmosphere enough calcium carbonate to hopefully cool off the planet in the same manner the ash from a huge volcanic eruption would do.

Jonathan frets and calls the FBI, eventually getting into contact with the US President at the White House, telling them the plan that Gita has rolled into motion and will see to its end, while they all establish a connection with the genius woman and try to negotiate.

Meanwhile, Rowan lends her support from the ground while evading the SEAL agents. A while after Gita and Jonathan’s debate regarding the dodgy success rate of her solution as well as the aftereffects it will have on Earth is cut off, her plane is shot down and she dies.

However, Rowan completes the job and releases the payloads in the rest of the nine planes, as well as in all of Alpha delivery drones all over the world. As the whole of Earth’s atmosphere is struck by the release of calcium carbonate, Jonathan and his wife look on at the event with dread and cluelessness as to what the future entails, before Extrapolations episode 4 rolls the credits.


  • Out of all the Extrapolations episodes so far, 2059: Face of God comes off the hammiest in certain parts but also one that feels the most ambitious, as stakes are raised and made immediate, even if they have been nothing but immediate throughout the entirety of the timeline thus far.
  • The fate of the future from this point onwards is left ambiguous by the end of the episode and it makes speculating as to what will happen now all of them more exciting.
  • The political commentary as well as the handling of capitalism’s role in all the dire circumstances the show revolves around continues to be sloppy, and even a lot charitable at times.
Extrapolations season 1 episode 4
Extrapolations season 1 episode 4 recap & review: 2059: Face of God 1

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