Foundation season 2 episode 4 recap & review: Where the Stars are Scattered Thinly

In Foundation season 2 episode 4, Hober Mallow enters the Vault with Poly, Constant, and Sermak, while Bel and Glawen land on Siwenna, and Queen Sareth investigates the Empire. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


On their ship, Brother Constant gets to know Hober Mallow better as they head to Foundation. She is quite attracted to him, and even he sparks a great conversation.

On Trantor, Queen Sareth is going to meet Brother Dawn with a plain face, hoping that he will be willing to open up after seeing her like this. She intends to find the truth about her family’s death one way or another.

Queen Sareth and Brother Dawn get along really well. Dawn hears that Queen Sareth’s Enjoiner Rue and Dusk were together once. Sareth and Dawn both wonder who is behind the assassination attempt.

Sareth confesses that she wasn’t, although the timing suggests it was her. She states that since she is open, he should talk freely too. She discusses with Dawn who could be behind the death of her family.

Dawn admits that he doesn’t think he could be behind it, but age brings changes. Therefore, he thinks Day could be capable of this. The two agree to be honest with each other.

She also brings up the question of why they both are not getting married to each other since Day and Dawn are the same person; she likes to think she and Dawn would’ve suited each other.

Upon reaching Siwenna, Bel volunteers to land on the planet himself along with Glawen. The moment they land, they are met with hostile people of the planet.

They force Bel to make an impulsive move, resulting in a fight. Glawen is not happy with Bel throwing punches out of nowhere.

Bel and Glawen find their informant, Patrician Barr, who wants to be called Ducem. He tells them about the magicians of Foundation and their whisper-ships that can navigate without spacers. These whisper-ships may directly jump on Trantor and wage war.

The people of Siwenna barge on Ducem’s door. Ducem shows Bel and Glawen a way to escape. He hands Glawen a book he liked and asks Bel to kill him. Ducem has lived his life, and now he wishes not to die at the hands of his friends. Bel fulfills Ducem’s wishes and leaves with Glawen.

Meanwhile, Hober Mallow finally enters the Vault. Poly, Constant, and Director Sermak follow him. The group gets lost in the Vault, but they eventually meet Hari Seldon.

Hari Seldon has tasks for all of them. He wants Poly and Constant to actually prevent a war by going to Trantor and opening diplomatic relations.

When asked why he killed Jaegger, Hari claims that he had to. For a god to be effective, he has to be intermittently wrathful. Apart from that, he heard Jaegger declare that he is the only vessel worthy of Hari’s spirit.

After letting Poly, Constant, and Director Sermak go, Hari talks to Hober Mallow alone. He has a different mission for him. Since they are going to extend a hand of friendship, they need to have a blade in their fist behind their back. Hober leaves the Vault and emotionally parts ways with Constant as they head out for their individual missions.

Back on Trantor, Queen Sareth meets a soldier of the Empire who is willing to talk for money. She assures the soldier that they have the technology to block or reverse a memory wipe.

The soldier’s name is Markley. Though he doesn’t know how to find out if Cleon XVII had a hand in the death of Sareth’s family, he does know where to start.

Sareth is happy to hear that. She further demands the visual records of the assassination attempt on Day. She wants to know how he survived the attack of the galaxy’s best assassins.


  • Foundation season 2 episode 4 sparks a few spicy romances that sound quite interesting and promising. However, at the same time, the episode is again too long and stuffed.
  • The conspiracy behind Queen Sareth’s death is captivating, and watching Sareth investigate as she keeps surprising everyone around her is a ride in itself. Ella-Rae Smith carries herself with the class of a queen hell-bent on finding the murderer of her family.
  • Talking about surprises, Hari Seldon continues to pull the same for the people of the Foundation. While the viewers have been kept in the dark about Hober Mallow’s mission, watching Poly and Constant deal with the Empire is highly-anticipated.
Foundation season 2 episode 4
Foundation season 2 episode 4 recap & review: Where the Stars are Scattered Thinly 1

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