Foundation season 2 episode 6 recap & review: Why the Gods Made Wine

In Foundation season 2 episode 6, Tellem turns Gaal against Hari, while Poly, Constant, and Hober Mallow face obstacles in their missions. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Hari, Gaal, and Salvor are still trying to understand the Mentalics and the way they work. Salvor finds out how she can communicate with the Mentalics with her mind. She reads their minds and learns how much they have all suffered.

Tellem is not ready to make the Mentalics Hari’s army. Hari warns her that they will become a casualty then, as he tells her about the Mule from the future.

Tellem looks into Gaal’s mind and learns that what Hari is saying is true. However, she doesn’t want to accept an inescapable future, and she thinks neither Gaal should accept this future, which is filled with perceptions shaped by Hari.

Gaal and Tellem talk in private on the Beggar’s ship. She clearly shows that she doesn’t trust Hari and convinces Gaal that Hari will never see her as his equal.

The Mule does concern Tellem, so she offers Gaal her place on Planet Ignis. She will give her her army of Mentalics, train them, and give Gaal tools to protect them and her daughter, Salvor. This offer is only for Gaal; Hari will not be part of it.

Meanwhile, Salvor and Hari discuss the tumultuous relationship the latter and Gaal share, the third crisis, and the other Hari on Terminus. Hari tells Salvor that Terminus is not their enemy; they just need to prod them when necessary.

Hari also discloses that he has edited the other Hari’s fundamental knowledge. The other Hari just knows one part of the plan, and it’s crucial that he doesn’t figure out the rest. This other Hari also has a duplicate Prime Radiant.

Gaal and Tellem come to Hari and Salvor. Gaal opens up about wanting to take the lead. Hari tries to tell her that she shouldn’t believe in Tellem’s promises; she can put anything in anyone’s mind.

On Trantor, Poly and Brother Constant are arrested. Brother Day introduces his people to Queen Sareth I, who will now be the empress of Trantor, thus putting an end to the genetic dynasty. Queen Sareth disappoints Brother Day by announcing that they will serve their subjects righteously.

Hober Mallow, on the other hand, faces a huge ship with Spacers claiming that he has defiled the Home-Swarm.

Back on Ignis, Hari tells Salvor that Tellem and the Mentalics are after the Prime Radiant. He instructs her to find Gaal and protect the Radiant.

Salvor and Gaal share a moment as the latter gifts Salvor on her birthday. The two are shown that Hari is leaving the planet on their ship without them. The truth is, Hari has been kidnapped and tied in the waters.

Tellem intends to influence Gaal and Salvor. Hari, on his side, has faith in Gaal; he believes this won’t make Gaal stop the Plan. While Hari comes closer to his death, he reminisces about meeting his wife, Yanna, and creating the Prime Radiant with her.

Hari’s prediction that all empires fall is considered treason. Hence, he and Yanna face problems and are offered positions at Streeling University in Trantor, under the eyes of the Empire.

Yanna tries to convince Hari that this is the right place to take the Empire down. Hari’s adamancy to protect the Prime Radiant sees him lose his wife, Yanna. Hari takes his revenge by killing Dr. Tadj, who kidnapped Yanna in the first place and was working against Hari.


  • The whole drama around the Mentalics is hardly any good. Their powers aside, nothing about them intrigues a viewer, and they don’t seem like a threat to someone as smart as Hari.
  • The flashback sequence of Hari reminds the viewer of who Tellem is dealing with. Hari always stays one step ahead of everyone and he may survive the trap he is in.
  • The better storylines this season, involving Brother Constant, Poly, Hober Mallow, and, especially, Queen Sareth, don’t get much push in this episode. One thing to be noted is that Ella-Rae Smith, as Queen Sareth, can steal the show even if she only gets a few minutes.
Foundation season 2 episode 6
Foundation season 2 episode 6 recap & review: Why the Gods Made Wine 1

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