How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 13 recap & review: Family Business

In episode 13 of How I Met Your Father, Sophie tries to find ways to connect with her recently located father, Charlie and Jesse go out looking for dates, and Ellen and Val visit a celebrity. The episode is streaming on Hulu.


Nick faces Sophie and says that he might be her father and when she asks him why he would think that, he replies that he has a security camera outside his store and he saw Sophie rehearsing what she would say to him.

They have a short awkward exchange before Sophie makes plans to meet him for lunch the next day. The following day, Jesse asks Charlie if he’d like to join him at a bar because he’s been feeling lonely for a while.

Valentina arrives and tells everyone that she thinks Swish might be cheating on her which is good news for her. Ellen says they can celebrate this news by going to a fancy open house later that day.

Charlie and Jesse go to a bar but everyone there is more interested in Charlie because of his British accent and that annoys Jesse. They decide to put on fake accents so that Jesse can get some attention for being British instead.

Ellen and Val are walking around the open house when Val sees a poster and realizes that it belongs to the famed socialite Missy Moritz. They decide to check out her closet and try out some of her well-known hats.

Sophie gets back to Pemberton’s after meeting her father and says that they don’t have much in common. She tells Sid that she did figure out a way for them to spend time together, however.

While she was at his hot dog restaurant, she realizes that it isn’t doing too well and Nick says that it was because the bar across the street closed down and drunk people were a huge customer base for them.

She suggests that they have a pop-up at Pemberton’s and then springs it on Sid without warning. Charlie tells Jesse that they’re going to hang out with two women they met at the bar, Julia and Angelina.

Jesse likes Angelina and Charlie likes Julia but they haven’t figured out how to tell them the truth about their accents yet. Ellen and Val are in Missy’s closet when the socialite walks in and kicks them out for trespassing.

The hot dog pop-up is a huge hit and Sophie and Nick get along really well with each other. Val realizes that she left her engagement ring at Missy’s house so she and Ellen head back there. When Missy opens the door, she appears to be wearing the ring but insists that it’s hers.

Charlie and Jesse pretend to be actors rehearsing for a play as their reason for putting on the accents but the story doesn’t hold up for very long. They tell the truth which pushes the girls to admit that Angelina is engaged and they were in the middle of a bachelorette scavenger hunt that called for them to pick up a British person.

A stranger walks into the bar claiming to be the Polish king of the hot dogs and accuses Nick of selling them on his turf without permission. Nick talks it over with the man and tells Sophie that they won’t be able to do pop-ups like she wanted.

Sophie tracks down the man later but he admits that he’s actually Nick’s nephew and pretended to threaten him in front of her. Val spots something scandalous in a picture she took earlier and uses that to get the ring back from Missy.

When Sophie asks Nick why he made up the “turf war”, he tells her that he prefers staying in his shop and doesn’t want to visit the city for regular pop-ups. Sophie says she was hoping to do them so that they could spend time together but Nick says they don’t need a reason for that.

He promises that they’ll figure this out as they go along and he’ll spend as much time as he can with her.

Everyone is at Pemberton’s when Swish comes in to talk to Val. She assumes he’s going to break up with her but the girl he was texting was his party planner and he tells her that they’re having a surprise engagement party this coming week.


  • This is a fun, casual episode that fits well in the sitcom space. The hijinks are charming and simple, there is narrative progression, and the entire thing is paced perfectly.
  • Christopher Lowell and Tom Ainsley’s talents are on full display here with their fake accents. They manage to pull off quite convincing ones with Lowell showing variety in his impressions too.
  • The series regularly depicts a vibe very similar to HIMYM and the scene with Sophie and Nick killing it at the bar will remind a lot of fans of the original series.
How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 13
How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 13 recap & review: Family Business 1

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