How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 18 recap & review: Parent Trap

In episode 18 of How I Met Your Father, Sophie tries to bring her parents back together while Sid and Ellen figure out how to kick their roommates out. The episode is streaming on Hulu.


Sophie tells the rest of the gang that she’s inviting her parents for dinner together so that she can ‘Parent Trap’ them, and they can finally be a happy family together. She invites Val to the dinner as well for moral support.

Sid visits Ellen at her apartment to talk to her about something. He says that he wants Jesse to move out because Hannah is returning from LA, but he doesn’t know how to break the news.

Ellen says that she’s got a similar problem because she’s now earning enough to have her place and doesn’t want to share with Charlie anymore.

They decide to ‘roommate trap’ Charlie and Jesse and convince them to get a place together. They agree that getting Jesse and Charlie to bond is best if they have a sleepover.

Ellen makes up a reason to send Charlie out for the night while Sid says he’s working late so Charlie and Jesse are left alone at Jesse and Sid’s place.

Sophie is excited about the prospect of setting up her parents together but they see Nick and Lori making out outside the restaurant. They enter separately but Sophie lets them know that their secret is out.

They say that they have been going out secretly for weeks and when Sophie hears this, she feels uncomfortable and runs out of the restaurant.

Ellen and Sid placed a camera to secretly watch Jesse and Charlie but when they appear to be busy with their own things, Ellen takes matters into her own hands.

She drops off a board game specifically about male bonding that Charlie and Jesse begin playing. The game goes on and Ellen and Sid are pleased with themselves until Charlie and Jesse get especially close and make the observing duo insecure.

Sid and Ellen rush back to the apartment to confront Jesse and Charlie but don’t realize that their plan was actually revealed after they forgot to switch off the microphone on the device.

Jesse is annoyed with Sid and goes into his room. Sophie shows up a bit later and runs into Jesse’s room to hide from her parents.

Nick and Lori arrive soon after and loudly claim that they’d like to talk to Sophie about their relationship whenever she is ready.

Sophie tells Jesse that she’s annoyed with her parents for keeping their relationship a secret from her and how they generally behave and Jesse tells her that that’s exactly how a normal family behaves.

She goes back to meet her parents while Jesse talks things over with Sid. Ellen realizes that she and Charlie are true friends and changes her mind about kicking him out.

Nick and Lori tell Sophie that they didn’t want to reveal anything until they knew what it was themselves. Sophie is then invited for game night with her friends but doesn’t go after seeing that Jesse’s new girlfriend, Parker, is there.


  • This is an enjoyable episode of How I Met Your Father with Nick finally appearing again and Ellen and Sid’s scheme adding a fun subplot.
  • One of the more impressive parts of the show is how the main cast has such great chemistry with each other in any permutation and combination. They perform the comedic bits and the more dramatic bits quite well.
  • A consistent issue is how certainly plotlines dip in and out of the series with little to no serious coverage. The show takes itself too casually and expects viewers to just excuse these drawbacks.
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How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 18 recap & review: Parent Trap 1

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