How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 3 recap & review: The Reset Button

In episode 3 of How I Met Your Father, Sophie and Jesse attempt to be just friends again while Valentina and Charlie get back out in the dating pool. The episode is streaming on Hulu.


Sophie is excited about the fact that her painting was bought by someone and the gallery owner tells her that the couple who bought it would like to meet her and the model in her photo.

Sophie immediately says yes but when she asks Jesse, he’s apprehensive about it and flat-out refuses. She tries to convince him that this is a big deal for her career and Jesse finally agrees to accompany her.

Valentina is over at Charlie’s place to collect some of her old stuff when Ellen mentions that she has a reservation at a fancy restaurant with Rachel but they are down two spots since Rachel’s friends dropped out.

Valentina is very keen to visit that restaurant and gets a date through an online app so that she can go along with Ellen. Charlie is slightly taken aback by the fact that Valentina is ready to get back out there so soon following their breakup.

Sid and Hannah are checking out airfares to plan out how they can meet during their year of long-distance but what they find is that they can barely afford anything.

Charlie shows up and begs them to go along with him on a double date after he panicked and decided to meet someone he met online. He does not feel ready for a first date again and needs them to be there for moral support.

Jesse and Sophie visit the rich couple who bought the photo, Warren and Megan, and they are immediately met with a weird vibe as Warren makes some unsettling comments.

Jesse wants to leave but Sophie insists that they’re just eccentric as most rich people are and they need to ride it out. Sid and Hannah are at the restaurant early and they are the first to meet Charlie’s date, Alice.

Alice is quite weird but when Sid and Hannah find out that she runs an airline rewards program and is responsible for handing out air miles, they are delighted and want this to work between her and Charlie. He eventually shows up and they tell him that Alice is a delight.

Warren and Megan show a particular interest in Jesse and he and Sophie deduce that they have a sexual interest in him. Valentina and Rachel get along with each other initially and Ellen is very happy about it.

The camaraderie doesn’t last long however when Valentina reveals that she believes in astrology. Rachel is studying to become a psychologist and she relies on real sciences, a statement that rubs Valentina the wrong way.

Warren shows more of an interest in Jesse while constantly dismissing Sophie. Alice and Charlie barely hit it off and when she and Hannah head to the washroom, Charlie asks Sid why they thought so highly of her.

Sophie and Jesse find out that Warren is a misogynistic men’s rights activist who hates women and he bought the photo because it captures the essence of “what a real man should be”.

Rachel and Valentina turn towards Ellen to pick a side in their argument but she’s nervous about doing so. The two of them agree that Ellen is highly indecisive and Ellen is just glad that they are on the same page again.

Sophie and Jesse decide that they need to get the photo out of there. Charlie tells Alice that he isn’t ready for a first date and even if he was, he doesn’t think he and Alice would be a good fit.

When he asks Sid and Hannah why they pushed so strongly for this, Alice points out quite plainly that they were after her miles. Charlie feels quite aggrieved by his friends’ decision to use him this way.

Alice does assume that she has become friends with Hannah and invites her home for a game of Yahtzee. Sophie begins distracting Warren and Megan but cannot keep the charade on for too long, especially since Jesse is struggling to get the painting off the wall.

She directly criticizes Warren’s character and he insists that they get the photo out of his house. When Rachel and Valentina find out how Ellen felt when they were fighting, they make a momentary truce and agree that she needs to speak to a professional about it.

Hannah and Sid meet Charlie at the bar later on and apologize while also giving him the perfect outfit to wear on a first date, whenever he is ready for it.

Sophie and Jesse bond over the ridiculous experience they just had and Sophie mentions how they work well as friends and would like it if it stayed that way. Jesse wants to talk about the night they spent together but Sophie cuts him off and maintains that it’s all in the past.

Jesse attends to a phone call from Meredith, and Sophie lays the photo on the boot of a cab while checking her phone and the cab ends up driving away with it. She gets back home to see Valentina who has brought home her date.

She asks Valentina how she has moved on so quickly and Valentina says that she is certain she and Charlie will end up together so she isn’t too worried. At the same time, Charlie is feeling more confident in himself and he meets someone at the bar.


  • This is an enjoyable episode that showcases the wonderful chemistry among the lead cast. They work together quite well and it translates on the screen exceptionally.
  • There are constant nuggets dropped about future episodes in a similar vein to How I Met Your Mother and it works as a great story device that builds intrigue for when the moment being alluded to finally arrives.
  • The humor is an acquired test and doesn’t try too hard to please audiences. It has a relaxed tone throughout and can be appreciated when one doesn’t focus on every little detail.
How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 3
How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 3 recap & review: The Reset Button 1

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