How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 7 recap & review: A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Valentine’s Day

In episode 7 of How I Met Your Father, the gang gathers on Valentine’s Day to discuss their feelings about the holiday and recall past experiences. The episode is streaming on Hulu.


Future Sophie explains to her son that his father particularly liked Valentine’s Day and proceeds to tell the story of one of those days from her past.

Jesse says that he absolutely hates Valentine’s Day while the rest of the gang sits in Sid’s bar and tells him his opinion is not new. Sid is excited for Hannah to show up so that they can spend the holiday together as they’ve always had.

Sophie exclaims that she always spends her Valentine’s with Valentina, and it is tons of fun. Ellen walks in with an ice sculpture and a grumpy mood saying she hates the holiday.

She says that she was supposed to spend the day with Rachel in front of this nude ice sculpture of her but Rachel had to help her grandmother who had taken a fall. Sophie offers to tell a bad experience from past Valentine’s to make Ellen feel better.

However, she is cut off when Ellen finds out that it happened when she was 8 years old and Ellen says prepubescent stories don’t count. Charlie pipes in with a bad Valentine’s experience of his own but his story is too wordy and everyone shuts him down before he’s done.

Valentina says she’s never had a bad Valentine’s Day but Sophie reminds her about Brendan. He was a boy she knew in her Freshman year of college who dated her and Sophie at the same time, and that’s how she and Sophie became friends.

Ellen is still not cheered up and asks Jesse to chime in. Jesse narrates a story of how he told a girl he loved her when he was 10 years old. Ellen confirms that Jesse has a habit of telling girls he loved them way too early and Sophie is irked listening to this.

Sid gets a notification that Hannah’s flight has been diverted so he won’t get to see her that day. He then tells everyone why Valentine’s Day is so important for them. Back when they were first going out, Sid wasn’t truthful about his feelings for her.

When he saw her having fun at a party with another guy, he went there to tell her that he wants to make things official. However, they end up arguing and only make up the next day after realizing how much they love each other.

Sophie tells Jesse that she felt special when Jesse told her he loved her on the first date, but now that she’s learned that he does that quite often, she doesn’t have that same feeling.

Hannah shows up to surprise Sid and make his day. Charlie finally finishes his story, where he waited to spend Valentine’s Day with his then-girlfriend but was stood up by her.

A pizza is delivered in the name of Ellen and she gets a FaceTime call from Rachel who says she wanted to celebrate by eating the same thing together.

Jesse goes up to Sophie and apologizes to her. He tells her that after Meredith, he didn’t think he’d fall in love with anyone again but then he met her which is a big deal.

He then asks her to continue her story of when she was a young girl and Sophie says that she tried reaching out to her dad but he never showed. He asks her how she stays so happy on a day when she’s got bad memories of it and she says that chocolate helps as they both enjoy a bite of chocolate.


  • This week’s episode of How I Met Your Father is particularly short and whizzes past you. It’s a great concept but it just doesn’t have enough substance to it.
  • The Lizzie Maguire flashback was a pleasant surprise, although not too many people might recognize the reference depending on the age of the viewer.
  • It’s a pretty average filler episode with some funny moments but not enough quality to make it truly memorable.
How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 7
How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 7 recap & review: A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Valentine's Day 1

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