Invasion season 2 episode 2 recap & review: Chasing Ghosts

The second episode of Invasion season 2 sees Jamila leaving home to find Caspar, while Trevante tries to look for answers that will help humans defeat the aliens. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


In Wellingborough, UK, Jamila keeps dreaming of Caspar. In those dreams, Caspar calls out to her, and she can feel his presence. Jamila talks to her mother about her dreams and how she thinks Caspar is here somewhere, but her mother only tries to make her understand that Caspar is gone.

Meanwhile, in Miami, Trevante is living with his sister, Shiona. When his whole family gathers to party together, Shiona’s son, Jordan, drowns in the pool. It is Trevante who saves his life.

However, as soon as Jordan regains consciousness, Trevante starts screaming at him and scares the child. His sister has to push him away to bring him to his senses. He then leaves the party to get supplies and research.

London is no longer a safe city, and people have evacuated it. Jamila catches a man, who is from London, stealing food for his family, and the man tells her that the Moon has turned red in London, like the Moon that she saw in her dream.

Trevante still has Caspar’s notebook that Jamila had given him. He keeps searching for images similar to the drawings in the notebook in the hope of finding anything that might help humans defeat the aliens.

Trevante’s wife, Learah, is no longer living with him or speaking to him because she thinks that her husband never returned to her. Shiona agrees with her, so she asks Trevante to leave her house. 

Shiona and the others want to live a normal, happy, and carefree life for as long as they can, but she knows that Trevante is chasing ghosts. She asks her brother to go and fight his war. She wishes him good luck, and Trevante leaves his family.

At the same time, Jamila runs away from home to find Caspar, as she believes that he is still around. She reaches a desolate London, where there is no one in sight. Two policemen see Jamila there and try to take her somewhere safe, but they fail, so they leave a mask for her. There, Jamila also sees a slightly red Moon.

Jamila then goes to the hospital where Caspar died but does not find his body in the morgue. After looking for information in the hospital’s database, she finds out that Caspar was transferred to Paris and makes up her mind to go there to find him.

Before leaving for Paris, she goes to meet Darwin and Alfie, Caspar’s friends. She tells them about her dreams and about Caspar being taken to London. When she tells Darwin and Alfie that she thinks Caspar is in danger, they decide to join her in her search.

Trevante finds an image of an alien object seen in McCurtain County, Oklahoma, that looks like one of Caspar’s drawings. He goes to McCurtain County, but soldiers do not let him enter the county. However, he dons his uniform and finds a way to sneak in.

There, he finds people living in their houses peacefully as if everything is fine and a lot of soldiers guarding the place. When he reaches a place called Red River High, he cooks up an excuse about being stationed there and is allowed inside. 

Jamila, Darwin, and Alfie go to Monty’s house to steal a car. What they do not know is that Monty and his sister, Penny, did not evacuate and are still living there. Their parents were away, so the siblings have been waiting for them to return and are now out of food.

Jamila, Darwin, and Alfie witness Penny panicking and crying out for her parents when a helicopter flies by. Monty allows them to stay the night at the house as long as they leave him and his sister alone. 

At night, Monty talks to Jamila about Penny, and Jamila comforts him. Monty also asks her what she will do if Caspar is not in Paris, but Jamila is sure that Caspar is there and thinks that he will help them defeat the aliens. 

Trevante finds a lab where various specimens are carefully stored. Before he can find out anything else, he is caught by two soldiers. They know that the story he told them was a lie, so they hand him over to the Sheriff. He is locked up in prison and will be transported out of state the next morning.

Penny convinces Monty to go with Jamila, Darwin, and Alfie and save the world, as she thinks this will bring her parents back home. Monty’s father has an apartment in Paris. Monty and Penny can stay there, and the others can look for Caspar. The five children then leave for Paris together.


  • The second episode of Invasion season 2 depicts a world that is our own, yet it is unrecognizable, which makes everything in the show seem real. It is a world full of abandoned houses, missing posters, and alien spores. 
  • Furthermore, even the lives of the people who are currently safe in the story and are trying to maintain normalcy are not the same when one needs tickets to get food and the internet is a luxury.
  • The performances of the child actors in the episode make an impression. Ruby Siddle, who plays Penny, certainly stands out.
Invasion season 2 episode 2
Invasion season 2 episode 2 recap & review: Chasing Ghosts 1

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