Invasion season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Fireworks

In the third episode of Invasion season 2, Mitsuki’s discovery helps humans finally gain an advantage in their war against aliens. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Since the power source in the alien ship first responded to Mitsuki, she has been going inside frequently to make contact but has not gotten a response again. The other analysts tell Mitsuki that the alien ship emits a signal every once in a while, but they do not think it means anything.

Dr. Maya Castillo evaluates Mitsuki whenever she comes out of the room that contains the power source. Mitsuki confesses to her that she feels like the source has been watching her. Mitsuki then sees the state of the people who went inside before her but does not ask Maya any questions.

After getting examined by Maya, Mitsuki notices something on her way back. She asks the analysts to run the sequence that they had just ran once again. When they do as she says, Mitsuki sees the ship cloaking itself. Mitsuki now knows the aliens’ cloaking signal.

On the other hand, Aneesha sees Luke spray painting the Movement’s vehicles and gets angry, as she does not want her family to be involved with the Movement. Clark points out to her that her children cannot let their guard down if she herself does not do it.

Trevante is still in lock-up in McCurtain County. He meets the sheriff’s secretary, Rose, a woman who wants the sheriff to look for missing people. She keeps compiling information regarding their cases, but the sheriff never bothers to take a look.

When Trevante guesses that she has lost someone, she tells him about how people keep coming to this town to look for answers, as it is ground zero, but no one cares about the fact that people have been going missing here one after the other.

Mitsuki feels like she is being watched again and goes out of the ship. She realizes that the random signal that the ship emits is a distress call. The ship is sending an SOS to the mothership. Mitsuki also estimates when the next signal will be sent.

Mitsuki does not leave even after her shift is over and waits for the next signal. Maya comes to talk to her and tells her that, like her, all the other scientists who went inside the room before her said that they were fine when they were not.

Maya knows that Mitsuki is not asking her questions about them because she does not want to contemplate the answers. Mitsuki finally opens up to her and admits that she thinks that Hinata was on the ship that was shot down. 

She blames herself for what happened to Hinata and to the world. Mitsuki now wants to punish the aliens. The ship emits the signal exactly at the time Mitsuki had estimated, which means that she is right about it being an SOS signal. 

Mitsuki tells Nikhil that they can now hack the mothership when the next signal is emitted, decloak the alien ships that bring more of them to Earth, and shoot them the moment they come to the planet. Humans can shoot the ships if they can see them.

However, when these giant ships will be shot, they will fall from the sky and might kill more humans. Nikhil is ready to take that risk if it means that humans will finally have a way to stop more aliens from coming to their planet.

Nikhil relays this new plan to the president of the World Defense Coalition. He wants her to prepare the nuclear operatives and ask them to shoot whatever they see in the sky on a certain date and time. She is hesitant, but she eventually agrees.

Trevante sees Rose frustrated after she fails to convince the sheriff to look for the missing people and talks to her. She tells him about the previous sheriff who disappeared on the day he retired. He was one of the first people to go missing.

Trevante notices the flyer with the sheriff’s picture on it and realizes that Caspar had drawn the sheriff’s badge in his notebook, not a star. The numbers scribbled near the drawing were the dates on which various people of this town went missing.

He then convinces Rose to trust him and bring him the notebook that is in his bag. When Rose brings Caspar’s notebook, Trevante shows her the dates and tells her that the answers they are seeking lie in this notebook. Rose then helps him escape.

Meanwhile, when Clark drives Aneesha and her family to the nearest refugee shelter, he gets a distress call, and he goes to save the people calling for help. There, he finds out that a family is surrounded by aliens and goes to save them with the other members of the Movement.

He leaves his daughter behind and gives the car keys to Aneesha in case she needs to get out of there with her family. When Ryder sees her father fighting the aliens, she goes to help him out. 

Aneesha is ready to leave with her family, but Luke stops her. He wants to help Clark, Ryder, and the others. Luke runs after Ryder when he sees several aliens coming towards them. Aneesha has no choice but to follow him. She leaves Sarah in the car and asks her to hold on to her bag.

The president of the World Defense Coalition makes an announcement, and the whole world looks up at the sky. As they wait for the ship to emit another distress signal, Mitsuki is reminded of what happened last time, and Maya comforts her.

Mitsuki’s plan works, and the alien ships become visible to humans. As soon as that happens, humans shoot down seven of them with nuclear missiles. People around the world see the ships going down and celebrate.

The aliens that Clark and the others are fighting suddenly start dying. Aneesha and Clark’s families make it out alive. However, when they return, Sarah is nowhere to be found.


  • Invasion season 2 used the first two episodes to tell the audience what had become of the world and the main characters. With the third episode, the show sets the right pace. It gets engaging as the plot progresses.  
  • This episode makes the audience anxious along with the characters. Towards the end, there is anticipation, restlessness, and even a sense of victory, which will keep the audience glued to their screens.
  • Mitsuki’s discovery is one of the most exciting subplots in this episode. However, its execution could have been better.
Invasion season 2 episode 3
Invasion season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Fireworks 1

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