Invasion season 2 episode 5 recap & review: A Voice From the Other Side

In the fourth episode of Invasion season 2, Aneesha learns to trust the Movement, and Mitsuki communicates with the alien entity. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


A man named Martin hears a sound at night and comes out of his house carrying a gun. His wife, Lisa, believes that there is no one outside and that her husband is just missing their son. However, there is danger lurking in the darkness, and the couple gets attacked. 

Aneesha, Luke, and the Movement have been looking for Sarah since she disappeared. A man notices the footprints left behind and tells them that Sarah was taken by the military. A member of the Movement, who was on guard duty and saw a military convoy, confirms this.

The WDC is concerned about the new aliens that have appeared after their counterattack. They are deadlier, and they proliferate faster. They are called the hunter-killers, and the WDC does not know how to defeat them. Nikhil thinks that the aliens have adapted and that humans will have to do the same.

Luke blames himself for Sarah’s disappearance. The Movement will rescue her, but there is the danger of encountering the hunter-killers. The fact that the military went through so much trouble to kidnap a young girl makes the members of the Movement think that Aneesha is hiding something from them.

Clark has the same doubts and questions Aneesha about her identity, but Aneesha does not tell him anything. She blames herself and Clark for Sarah’s kidnapping and refuses to trust Clark and the Movement.

The military is looking for Trevante, who is hiding in Rose’s house. Trevante is looking for answers, but Rose understands that Caspar and his notebook have now become Trevante’s war. 

Rose recognizes one of the places that Caspar had drawn in his notebook and takes Trevante there. The place is a field owned by Martin and Lisa. Their 19-year-old son, Felix, disappeared in the early days before people even knew what was happening.

Mitsuki can hear the alien entity speaking, but no one else can. She believes that the alien is now hiding itself, but a connection was formed between herself and the alien, so she can hear it.

She wants to provoke the alien to flush it out, and she plans to do that by causing it pain. Maya has reservations about this plan, but Mitsuki goes ahead with it anyway. 

Luke has been writing the word “Wajo” in his notebook. Ryder talks to him about how she wants the life that they all had before the alien invasion. However, this new life has taught them to appreciate what and who they have. 

Ryder also thinks that Luke has a great mother. Luke then confides in her and tells her that Sarah was taken because they had the alien shard. A man named Hanley eavesdrops on their conversation and finds out that Aneesha and her family have been lying about their identities.

Hanley tells the other members how Aneesha has been lying to them all this while. However, Clark comes to her rescue and claims that Aneesha told him the whole truth when they first met. 

Clark takes the blame for hiding information from the members. He announces that the Movement is going to save Sarah. The members who do not want to risk their lives for one girl are allowed to take provisions and leave.

Meanwhile, Trevante and Rose find Martin’s gun in the field. The crows have been circling the field, and the soil has been moving unnaturally. They find a deeply shocked Martin sitting out on the porch of his house, mumbling the word “Wajo”. 

Mitsuki thinks that the aliens are connected to the planet’s magnetic field, and she plans to disrupt the field to cause distress to the alien entity on the ship. Maya talks to Mitsuki and realizes that Mitsuki is angry and guilty about the aliens returning stronger than before.

Maya takes her to the forest to make her understand that everything is interconnected, and Mitsuki is no different. She believes that Mitsuki needs her help and tells her that she will pull her out of the room if she thinks Mitsuki’s survival is at risk.

Trevante and Rose speak to Martin, who reveals that Lisa was taken but does not tell them who took her. Martin was able to get away, but he left Lisa and the others behind. He also tells Rose that Billy was there.

The mention of Billy’s name surprises Rose. The military arrives there, and Trevante and Rose hide in the field again. Rose starts crying for Billy, and Trevante comforts her.

Aneesha thanks Clark for standing by her side and apologizes to him for not trusting him. She is going to try and trust the Movement from now on. She also admits to Luke that she was wrong about not needing anyone else except each other.

Mitsuki enters the room that contains the alien entity and disrupts the magnetic field. The alien entity shrieks and shakes the whole ship. Soon, an apparition of a little girl appears in front of her and speaks to her in Japanese.

The girl talks as if Hinata, the aliens, and she herself are one entity. She claims that Mitsuki is there because she hurt them. She wants to know why humans are in conflict with them. Mitsuki tells her that they cannot let the aliens destroy them and their home.

The girl disappears, and it is Hinata’s voice that accuses Mitsuki of destroying her. Maya gets worried about Mitsuki, but Nikhil refuses to pull her out. He does not care about what happens to Mitsuki as long as he gets information that can be used against the aliens.

Mitsuki asks the entity if there is anything of Hinata that is still left. The alien comes close to Mitsuki and asks her to let it feel her. Mitsuki takes off her glove and touches the alien. It surrounds Mitsuki from all sides and makes it difficult for her to breathe.  

Mitsuki sees human objects and faces inside the entity. She also sees Caspar, who calls out Jamila’s name. Maya then pulls her out, and a barely conscious Mitsuki tells Maya and Nikhil that they are all out there.


  • For the most part, the plot develops at a slow pace in this episode and does not offer anything compelling. However, the ending is better; Mitsuki’s contact with the alien entity is exciting.  
  • The show keeps reminding the audience that the world is no longer what it used to be. In this episode, Ryder talking about the old times and craving normalcy does the trick. 
  • The depiction of the alien entity that Mitsuki communicates with is visually appealing. It is now how one would expect aliens to look, but the show somehow makes it work. 
Invasion season 2 episode 5
Invasion season 2 episode 5 recap & review: A Voice From the Other Side 1

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