Invasion season 2 episode 7 recap & review: Down the Rabbit Hole

In the seventh episode of Invasion season 2, the Movement goes to save Sarah, Trevante and Rose visit Ben Shelton’s farm, and Caspar struggles to remember what happened to him. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Rose goes through Caspar’s notebook, and Trevante figures out that all the coordinates of the missing people form a spiral on the map. At the center of that spiral lies Ben Shelton’s farm. Ben, his wife, and his nephews are among the people who are missing.

Ben’s farm was taken over by the military and turned into a supply depot. However, when Trevante and Rose go there, they realize that the military is hiding something. There is a well, and when it becomes active, the soldiers climb down the well.

Trevante and Rose do not get to see what happens next, as they are spotted by the soldiers. Trevante manages to avoid getting arrested by hitting a soldier. Now, Trevante and Rose are fugitives, and the military is looking for them.

Caspar does not remember much, so he cannot answer his friends’ questions. He had drawn the faces of children who are special like him and are somehow connected to the aliens. He could feel and hear the other children even when he was unconscious.

Caspar thinks that they should find the special children, as they might be the key to defeating the aliens. Caspar, Jamila, Monty, Alfie, and Penny then set out to look for the special children, despite Monty’s objections. 

The surviving members of the Movement reach the military base where Sarah is supposed to be. The idea of risking so many lives to save one child does not sit well with everyone. Aneesha takes Clark’s advice and talks to the members sincerely, and they get convinced to save her daughter.

Monty tells Jamila that he does not trust Caspar, as when he looked into his eyes, he saw a void, not the old Caspar. However, he trusts Jamila’s dreams, so he chooses to stick with the group’s plan.

As Rose and Trevante cannot go back to Rose’s house, Rose takes Trevante to Marlene’s house. Marlene, Billy’s sister, lets them stay for the night because they tell her that they need time to find Billy.

Rose reveals to Trevante that Billy is her husband. Their marriage was falling apart, so Rose asked him for a divorce. Billy went to live with Marlene, and soon after, he disappeared. Rose blames herself for his disappearance because she wanted him to go away.

Trevante shares a similar experience with her. Trevante’s son was sick and in a lot of pain. Trevante wanted the pain to go away, and it did go away when his son died. Trevante and Rose comfort each other and hold hands while sleeping.

On the streets of Paris, Caspar and his friends hear aliens approaching them. The group asks Caspar to guide them away from the aliens, but Caspar ends up leading them to the aliens. The group almost gets killed but somehow manages to escape.

Once they reach safety, Jamila comforts Caspar. He admits that all his memories are in pieces and that his memories are slipping away. Jamila wants to help him remember everything. 

She shows him a drawing that he had given her and plays him music on his Walkman. Caspar remembers the first time he listened to music with Jamila. Caspar and Jamila kiss, which breaks Monty’s heart.

The Movement enters the military base, surrounds all the soldiers, and takes them captive. They soon realize that the base is almost empty and that no one is in charge. The soldiers have voted and chosen a soldier who would temporarily be in charge until further orders. 

This soldier points Aneesha to the place where Sarah was. Sarah had scribbled the word for help me in Farsi on a wall. When Aneesha threatens to kill the soldier, he tells her that Sarah left the base the previous night.

Sarah is being taken to a base in Oklahoma for Project Idabel. The soldier informs Aneesha that the Oklahoma base is nothing like this one. It is ground zero, the place where all this started. The soldier thinks that there is nothing Aneesha can do to get her daughter back.

Meanwhile, Trevante gives Rose Caspar’s notebook and sneaks into the Oklahoma base. He sees Sarah being brought to the base with the alien shard. In the darkness, he makes his way to the well and starts climbing down.

He leaves Rose a note, saying all the things that he could not say to her the night before. He believes that she might make all the pieces of the puzzle come together and that she showed him the way and guided him home.


  • Not much happens in this episode in terms of plot development. Furthermore, there is nothing exciting to keep the audience interested. 
  • Apart from a brief chase, the aliens do not make an appearance in the episode. In a show about an alien invasion, aliens are almost forgotten.
  • Just when the journey of Jamila’s group comes to an end, the show makes them go on another journey. Instead of looking like an adventure, it ends up looking like another pointless journey to keep the characters occupied.
Invasion season 2 episode 7
Invasion season 2 episode 7 recap & review: Down the Rabbit Hole 1

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