Jack Ryan season 4 episodes 3 & 4 recaps & review

In the third and fourth episodes of Jack Ryan season 4, Jack makes a crucial decision and brings together his team to find a way to meet Chao Fah. The episodes are now streaming on Prime Video.

Episode 3 recap: Sacrifices

Political unrest in Nigeria continues with the death of the President. Ekon Ameh, an infamous warlord, is expected to make a play for the presidency to oust Interim President Okoli.

Wright is going to meet President Okoli, and Adebayo ‘Ade’ Osoji has joined her because he understands the country better than the Interim President himself.

Wright soon receives the news of Miller’s death, and so does Chao Fah Sein. It is speculated that Miller died by suicide, and Jack is letting this news run.

Mike November joins the team. With Miller gone, only Chao Fah can provide Jack with much-needed evidence of the convergence. Even Chavez will be starting at the beginning, and that’s how Jack plans to locate him.

Chavez is equipping himself at his uncle’s. He also warns his uncle that his son, Marin, and Marquez’s men will come looking for Chavez here. Chavez is leaving soon, and his uncle should get going too.

Tin Tun, one of the seniors at Silver Lotus Triad, invites Chao Fah to inspect a shipment that is full of women. There is animosity between Tin Tun and Chao Fah, which Soe Wai, Chao Fah’s brother-in-law, notices.

Soe Wai lets Chao Fah know that he feels something is wrong. He reminds Chao Fah that all he cares about is his sister. Meanwhile, Jack Ryan resigns from the position of deputy director of the CIA to protect Wright’s position.

As his replacement, Jack pitches the name of James Greer, who is well-deserving and a perfect candidate. However, Greer’s job once again stops him from being there for his family.

In Nigeria, Wright meets with President Okoli, who is joined by none other than Ekon Ameh. They both want Wright to help them find out who killed former President Udoh.

Wright calls the new Deputy Director, Greer, and assigns him the job of tracking a phone number. A soldier who was part of President Udoh’s assassination was talking to someone, and she needs to know who. The number leads Greer to the office of BizHub. Walters is present there, and he realizes that Greer is getting close to them.

November tracks Chavez down, and later on, Jack arrives at Chavez’s uncle’s. Chavez doesn’t have a way to contact Chao Fah anymore, so he plans to track his operation down to the top. Marin mentioned a marketplace once, and that’s their only lead.

Before leaving to track Marin down, Jack tries to call Cathy, who is busy in a meeting with Zeyara Lemos, who wants Cathy’s help with the pleasure casinos in Myanmar that are running drug operations and smuggling women.

Soe Wai finally figures out what is going on and confronts Chao Fah, who says he can come with them, but Soe Wai disagrees. He is ready to let Chao Fah go, but not his sister, leaving Chao Fah no option but to kill him.

Chao Fah then presents Tin Tun with the body of Soe Wai and paints Soe Wai as a traitor to protect himself. Jack’s team raids Marin’s lab and interrogates him. Marin gives away the location of the marketplace as Dubrovnik, Croatia, and it is run by Josip Olafsky.

Greer, outside his home, is confronted by Walters, who asks him to stop or else they know where his family really lives.

Episode 4 recap: Bethesda

Mike knows someone who is in touch with Olafsky. He takes them to Katarina in Dubrovnik, Croatia, at a hotel that also works as a brothel. Katarina directs them to Zubkov, who works as a facilitator for women for Olafsky.

Katarina is ready to aid if the CIA helps her and her girls disappear. As of now, Katarina knows that Zubkov is more connected to Olafsky than he lets on. Also, there is a high-end deal happening at Olafsky’s marketplace.

Zubkov will take one of them inside the marketplace from the front door, while Katarina will take the rest of them from a backdoor.

Unfortunately, Tin Tun will be going to Dubrovnik in Chao Fah’s place, and Chao Fah will have to meet his seniors in Geneva. Jack’s team is basically breaking into the place for nothing. They are just not aware of that yet.

In Geneva, Chao Fah meets his senior, who is none other than Zeraya. She is offering him the entire operation in Myanmar.

Back in Dubrovnik, Croatia, Mike and Zubkov enter the place through the front door and soon realize that Tin Tun is meeting Olafsky in Chao Fah’s place.

Jack and Chavez enter the place with the help of Katarina and her girls. Tin Tun is selling Olafsky five triggers to different locations. Until Jack and Chavez can come, Mike tries to distract them by posing as a buyer who is interested in what Tin Tun has brought.

Mike takes the negotiations to a point where he starts punching everyone. Chaos erupts, but eventually, Jack’s team gets their hands on Olafsky. Mike makes sure to kill Olafsky when he doesn’t dare to talk and threatens Zubkov, and Chavez takes a selfie with the dead body of Olafsky before leaving with the secured trigger.

Chavez sends the selfie to Chao Fah, who shows it to Zeraya. She says they should assume Jack’s team is coming for them now.

Amidst all of this, Greer is attacked by Walters for continuing the investigation. Greer is now sure that all of this is connected, but Wright is no longer ready to back Jack Ryan, considering her position as director.

Chao Fah starts sending random amounts of money to Marin’s account. Jack recognizes that these are the coordinates of the place where Chao Fah intends to meet them.


  • The third and fourth episodes make for an easy watch as the viewers now have an idea of the main conflict. However, Jack Ryan is still plagued by overstuffed writing that is hard to digest for a viewer.
  • Greer’s investigation in these two episodes hardly leads to anything crucial. It only brings him closer to Walters and death. The only answer it gives him is that all of this is connected, which Jack’s team already knows.
  • Jack Ryan season 4 has continued to stay entertaining when it comes to the action part and watching Jack’s team work together. One can enjoy watching characters like Mike November, who is always a delight to have, getting along with the likes of Chavez.
Jack Ryan season 4 episodes 3 & 4
Jack Ryan season 4 episodes 3 & 4 recaps & review 1

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