King the Land season 1 episode 10 recap & review

In King the Land episode 10, Gu Won and Sa-Rang find it difficult to find time for themselves amid Sang-Sik’s overtly hyper vacation schedule.


Gu Won, Sa-Rang, Da-Eul, Pyeong-Hwa, and Sang-Sik arrive in Thailand and enjoy the sights on their way to the hotel they’re staying at. There are only two rooms, one for the three girls and the other one where Sang-Sik and Gu Won have to stay.

Apart from that, the place they’re staying is luxurious and the girls can’t contain their joy. Things become difficult for Gu Won and Sa-Rang as Sang-Sik’s overtly enthused mantra for the vacation keeps them all very busy, leaving little to no room for the two love birds to spend some time together.

They sneak out for a while at night and get some intimate time. After Gu Won’s effort at breaking away from the group fails, they are visited by none other than Ro-Wun, who finds time from his job to come to see Pyeong-Hwa. He and others enjoy more quality time and the next morning, he leaves early in the morning for his shift.

Gu Won and Sa-Rang finally find the opportunity to go spend time together and grab it before the others can ruin their freedom again. Won treats her with a nice dinner and she expresses her contentment, also sharing that she wishes she’d be able to continue being this happy, which Gu Won promises her.

He then opens up about his past and his mother, before the two embrace each other and go on a VIP ride through the city, ending the day with a calm and beautiful moment together atop a building, watching the whole city in front of them and enjoying the bliss.


  • King the Land episode 10 continues the doses of adorable scenes amid an overall fun affair, thanks to Sang-Sik’s goofy and hyper antics.
  • The little moment that the girls share with each other when Sa-Rang and Pyeong-Hwa gift Da-Eul, making her emotional, is one of the more heartwarming scenes in the show.
  • Much like Sa-Rang’s fears about whether she’ll continue to receive happiness like she is right now, there is a high possibility that these adorable, happy, and heartwarming couple of episodes of late will be followed by a series of dark and possibly depressing ones soon.
  • The way Hwa-Ran reacts to the news of the incentive trips may make one wonder if her rivalry with Gu Won will adversely impact Pyeong-Hwa and Da-Eul as well or not.
King the Land season 1 episode 10
King the Land season 1 episode 10 recap & review 1

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