Loki season 2 finale recap, review, & ending explained

In the season finale of Loki season 2, Loki finally learns what his glorious purpose has always been and does everything he can to fulfill it. The episode is streaming on Disney+.

Episode 6 recap: Glorious Purpose

Loki returns to the point where Victor heads onto the gangway and tries to speed up the process. After multiple failed attempts, he switches approach and starts going back earlier to get started sooner.

Loki slips so many times to ensure that this works, and even takes centuries so that he can learn as much about the timestream and physics as O.B. knows.

Victor finally manages to get the throughput multiplier into the Loom and it enlarges. However, it still cannot handle the branches and Victor explains that since the branches are splitting infinitely, the Loom will never be enough.

He returns to the End of Time when Sylvie kills He Who Remains. He tries to stop her but she says that the only way to do that is to kill her, which he won’t.

During one instance, he asks He Who Remains why he doesn’t help. He Who Remains pauses time and has a conversation with Loki, fully aware that Loki has been slipping and must have lived several lifetimes at this point.

He mentions Timely and says that the scaling problem is an excuse because the Loom was a failsafe to protect the sacred timeline. There is no easy choice for Loki to make. Either he lets everything die, or he has to kill Sylvie.

Needing advice, he goes back to his first interrogation with Mobius at the TVA. He skips the formalities and wants answers. Mobius tells him a story about making hard choices and the moral of the story is that no matter how much it hurts, the big picture is what matters.

Loki finally gets the answer he was looking for and shakes Mobius’ hand before slipping again to the last moment he sees Sylvie. He tells her about the decision that he’s facing and she still doesn’t accept it.

She tells him that he’s replacing one nightmare with another, and his eyes light up at that.

Loki season 2 ending explained in detail:

What does Loki do to fix the timestream?

Loki goes back to the moment before Victor is about to head out, and he rushes down to the gangway. He tells them that he knows what kind of god he can be for them, a god who ensures that all the branches remain.

He steps out onto the gangway and makes his way to the end before using his magic and destroying the Loom. All of the branches float lifelessly around him, and he starts grabbing them one by one as they light up with green energy.

A path opens up to the throne at the End of Time and Loki walks up there. He sits down on the throne and remodels all the branched timelines into a tree with infinite branches and infinite roots and sits on his throne, finally fulfilling his glorious purpose.

What happens to the TVA?

The TVA is back to regular operations with B-15 taking one of the lead positions. She walks around observing everyone working and sees O.B. and Casey working on rebooting Miss Minutes.

She asks them if they can trust the A.I. but O.B. simply shrugs. Casey asks her if she’s joining him in the war room for a meeting, and she says that she’ll be there soon.

She meets Mobius for a bit and he tells her that he’s leaving the TVA to see what his life on the timeline looked like. She then goes into the meeting which is filled with other members of the TVA to ensure the right decisions are made.

What happens to the others?

Ravonna wakes up in the void, and a glimpse of the TVA floor is seen before she looks before her, and the hue of Alioth is seen in her eyes. Mobius is standing a little ways away from the house of his variant.

His variant is playing with his kids and then walks inside with them, while Mobius admires the image. Sylvie walks up behind him and mentions that it’s going to be tough getting used to Loki not being around.

He asks her what she has planned and she simply shrugs her shoulders. She asks him what he’s going to do and he just says that he’s going to wait there for a bit and let some time pass.


  • This is presumably the end of Tom Hiddleston’s Loki in the MCU and he could not have asked for a more poetic ending. His redemption arc is well and truly complete and it is spectacular.
  • The visual elements of the series have been top-grade, and this final episode maintains the quality. The threads, the branches of time, and the final sequence of Loki walking to the throne are all just magnificent.
  • It was also a very dialogue-heavy episode, the writing is incredible. The key conversations between Loki and Mobius, Sylvie, and He Who Remains, are all arresting setpieces.
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Loki season 2 finale recap, review, & ending explained 1

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