Love Is Blind season 4 episodes 9, 10 & 11 recaps & review

Love Is Blind season 4 drops its third batch of episodes as the couples approach the final leg of the show as they have to shopping and work on wedding preparations while also working through the issues that might linger still.

Episode 9 recap: Romeo and Juliet Didn’t Work Out

Love Is Blind season 4 episode 9 opens with Marshall, who is plagued by the pains of uncertainty regarding where he stands in his relationship with Jackie, who still refuses to set the record straight even after Marshall insists she does, requesting him again that he just love her.

Bliss meets Zack’s family and both parties have a great time and are grateful to have met each other. Zack’s family gives their warm approval.

Kwame sits Chelsea down and addresses the confrontation they had first thing in the morning. Chelsea believes he’s nitpicking but Kwame tries to talk about having each other’s backs in tough moments since he doesn’t have anyone to go back to during those times as Chelsea does.

Tiffany meets Brett’s friends and all share some crucial conversations involving the couple, their love for each other, as well as the importance and beauty of black love. Brett’s mates approve of Tiffany and acknowledge the love the two love birds have for each other.

Paul and Micah go on a date and have a crucial conversation regarding the tidbits of moving together after marriage. Paul tells her that he has an open mind about moving away from his place in an effort to make this work and make their love work. In beautiful moments, Paul also expresses his vulnerabilities.

Zack meets Bliss’s family and her mother is really emotional seeing her daughter look at Zach with such love. Zack decides to contend with all the nervousness and awkwardness while talking about his tumultuous journey with her on the show. They are cautious about Bliss getting hurt again but also trust her judgment about Zack.

Kwane meets Chelsea’s big, cheerful family and it’s a hug galore that he finds really great. At the end of this segment, Kwame talks to the camera about being ready for their next phase where he would be open to moving in with Chelsea.

Episode 10 recap: Thank You, Next

In Love Is Blind season 4 episode 10, Jackelina ditches the wedding dress fitting and instead meets Josh, who professes his love and Jackie decides to go ahead and give a shot to their relationship.

Marshall learns about it and later confronts Jackie, for the last time as she tells him how she can’t love him. They call it quits break up.

Everyone else tries out the wedding dress fitting and do it with some of their respective friends and family members. The pre-wedding stress gets to Tiffany but Brett helps ease her mind by taking her out on romantic dates.

Paul and Micah are also out on a date as he takes her for a unique activity wherein they forge their rings together, and this romantic gesture only solidifies their chemistry more.

Zack meets Bliss’s father and stepmother, and it’s clear that her father doesn’t take fondly to either Zack or the idea that they’re going to get married this quickly. In an awkward dinner, he dishes out several pointed and hurtful things but Bliss defends Zack fiercely.

Kwame and Chelsea do a sizzling photo shoot together — a lifelong dream she has always wanted to realize with her fiancé/husband. After the photoshoot, Kwame opens up about his mother’s continued contentions with this marriage as both of them reassure each other of their mutual love and support.

Episode 11 recap: You Are Overpriced

With a few days until the weddings, all the Love Is Blind couples go through the pre-wedding jitters and chaos. Kwame and Chelsea as well as Zack and Bliss discuss the uncertainties that might still be there in their relationship.

Next up on the roster are the bachelor parties and along with a lot of fun, the contestants all discuss their partners and relationships, as well as the upcoming marriages, with their close friends.

Tiffany meets with Brett’s father and brother and it ends up being a really wholesome bonding session where approvals are instant and the visible love between Brett and Tiffany is acknowledged.

Kwame and Chelsea are the first to arrive on the altar, but before that there’s some business to attend to. Kwame’s sister and brother arrive and talk to him about his mother, assuring him that she still prays for him and cares for him.

They also urge him to talk to his mother, who he considers his best friend, somewhere down the line when they believe she would give her blessings to the relationship, especially when Chelsea meets her. Kwame’s sister then meets Chelsea and gifts him a Tente purse, as both of them share a happy and emotional moment.

The wedding arrives and Chelsea says yes. Love Is Blind season 4 episode 11 rolls the credits before Kwame responds with a “yes” too.


Love is Blind season 4’s penultimate batch of episodes until the finale is a sweet installment as the couples contend with the final tidbits before their big days arrive.
Kwame’s issues with his mother’s reluctance and rejection are kind of made up for by his sister’s arrival, who’s every bit as supportive as his mother doesn’t seem to be.
Kwame’s self-admitting “cold feet” are still an indication of the red flags he always has to wave, but the cliffhanger at the end of the eleventh episode isn’t all that dramatic since it’s pretty much clear that he’s saying yes too.
Brett and Tiffany continue to be the most wholesome couple on Love Is Blind season 4 as their dynamic and understanding spread out to their family members as well.
Zack and Bliss’s relationship is going strong, even if they have smidges of nervousness regarding what the future entails.
What they both should dread the most, however, is Bliss’s dad, who doesn’t seem to have chill for even a second. His insensitiveness and inability to lend an ear to his daughter’s choices and decisions are in stark contrast with just how supporting and empathetic her mother is.
Jackelina comes out in the end as perhaps even worse a villain than Irina at the start of Love Is Blind season 4, with her abject dismissal of Marshall’s feelings and a rather cruel breakup that she awards him with in episode 10.
However, there must be a conscious effort by the viewers, to treat Jackie with a little more empathy since in all the very unreal “reality” show drama, it’s easy to pick villains and lambast them with the harshest of judgments.
During times like these, one must take into account the various struggles and the context that inform Jackelina’s actions, especially when she recognizes her own possible shortcomings and that she needs to work on herself.

Love Is Blind season 4 episodes 9, 10 & 11
Love Is Blind season 4 episodes 9, 10 & 11 recaps & review 1

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