Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Five at Five

The third episode of Mayor of Kingstown season 2 sees Mike struggling to keep the peace outside the prison while Bunny is handling everything inside. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


Milo comforts Iris, who is lost and looking for a home and, more importantly, a new job. Milo wonders if she has slept with Mike, to which she answers that she hasn’t.

Meanwhile, Sawyer’s team invades an apartment full of kids. They are followed by Ian and Stevie, who talk to the elderly lady taking care of the kids at the apartment. The cops showed up because they got a report of some drug activity.

When Mike learns of this, he immediately heads to confront Ian and Stevie. He reminds them that invading the places of the leaders, especially Bunny’s, could be a problem for them.

Bunny is the only one Mike can trust, and these cops are ruining their chances of restoring some order.

Back at the prison, Bunny asks his crew members to trust Mike for a while. If things don’t go accordingly, they will do things the way they do.

Mike visits Bunny in prison. Bunny is looking for assurances as he is doing Mike’s job of settling things here in the prison. Mike asks him what he needs from him. Bunny tells him that he needs the guards to turn their backs at 5 o’clock tomorrow.

When Bunny hurls questions about his people on the outside, Mike says that they are being taken care of.

Kyle arrives at the KPD and reunites with his old mates. Kyle’s seniors know that he has a kid on the way, and despite that, they have suspended him without pay after what went down with his partner. Therefore, he decided to quit.

Kyle won’t be allowed on the street until his actions are declared righteous shooting. Kyle tells Mike about the same, and the latter believes that Kyle should take a break.

Kyle insists Mike give him some work because he is already losing his mind. Mike hands him the job of helping him look for Iris, a job Kyle likes to think is for the FBI.

Mike’s search for Iris leads him to Joseph, one of Milo’s associates. He claims that he knows nothing about Iris and reminds Mike what happens to people who talk to federal agents.

Mike beats Joseph and his men up and leaves with a warning. He then contacts Evelyn to get an update on the release dates for the prisoners they have. She says she is working on them and needs Mike to meet her for something.

Joseph has Iris, and he is preparing her for prostitution again. He offers her everything she needs to make this place feel like home.

Mike, on the other hand, joins Evelyn and Kareem on a prison tour. A woman named Wendy is introducing them to the prisons handled by the Warwick Group.

Iris befriends Tatiana at Joseph’s. The same woman later offers Mike a way inside Joseph’s den. Mike breaks in but gets caught. He indulges in another confrontation with Joseph, but nothing significant comes out of it.

For the second time, Mike takes Joseph down and asks him to tell Milo that he knows he is out and that he is looking for him.

At 5:00 p.m., Bunny’s plan starts with the guards turning their backs. All the leaders follow the plan accordingly. They take out their rivals. Bunny’s only adversary, the leader of the Bloods, deviates from the plan. He instead attacks Bunny.

With a little help from his friends, Bunny brings his rival down. Later on, Bunny confronts Mike for not telling him about the house raid at his grandmother’s.

Bunny is done waiting. He gives Mike 48 hours to get him back on the streets, or else he will be bringing the war to Mike’s home. Before leaving, Mike asks Carney to make sure that Bunny is under protection all the time.


  • Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 3 is the big break the show takes. It’s shorter in duration and nothing but a filler. The story doesn’t develop much, and only new problems make their presence known.
  • Both the interactions Mike has with Joseph are a complete waste of time. He confronts them, beats them, and leaves with a warning, that’s it.
  • The introduction of the new prison system handled by the Warwick group is something interesting to hear at first. The question remains if it will be able to hold the kind of prisoners Kingstown has.
  • The show creates a rift between Mike and Bunny that may hit viewers hard. All the trust Bunny showed Mike breaks down in this episode, piece by piece.
  • The only scene that matters in this episode is probably Bunny’s plan. The few minutes of it were thrilling, and the show demonstrates that Mike’s plan to restore leaders isn’t going to be that easy.
Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 3
Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Five at Five 1

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