Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 5 recap & review: Kill Box

In the fifth episode of Mayor of Kingstown season 2, trouble grows for Mike with Bunny not cooperating anymore and Milo making moves on his bonds. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


Family members of the inmates who have been moved from the Tent City are waiting in line to figure out where their loved ones are. Bunny’s cousin, Rhonda, cuts the line and asks straight for Mike.

When she is told to wait, she introduces herself and claims that she doesn’t wait. Rhonda tells Mike exactly what Bunny said when Mike last met him.

Rhonda is worried that her shop is going to get hit, and if Mike doesn’t take care of this, the problems are going to come his way too. Mike promises her that he will find Bunny and get him out of the prison soon.

Back at the prison, Bunny sees an inmate’s dead body down below from the little window he has on his cell’s door. This inmate seems to have been pushed off the floor.

Mike calls Carney and orders him to search for Bunny at the prison he is working at. Carney sees two of the gang leaders in his sight but he doesn’t see Bunny.

Mike believes that there is a chance that all the leaders have been assigned to the same prison. Therefore, he wants Carney to keep looking for Bunny.

Horace’s wife gets attacked by Joseph and his men at her house. Mike told her to skip town, but she ends up being a bit too late. Mike discusses what they should do with the bonds with Stevie, Ian, and Kyle.

Mike tells Ian and Stevie that he is sure that Milo is still out there, and these bonds worth $14 million are a very good reason for him to stick around. He instructs Stevie to keep these bonds out of the system.

Kyle wonders why Mike desperately wants Milo. He feels like they should focus on getting Bunny out. Mike then reveals that Milo took something and broke it, and he just can’t let him go like that.

Back at the prison, Bunny is finally sent into the yard. Bunny looks for his crew and reunites with some familiar faces. He learns that fellow gang leader, Gunner, has guards on his side.

Suddenly, an inmate starts spitting blood from his mouth in the middle of the yard. Carney sends a medical team and looks through. He finally spots Bunny.

Back home, Kyle receives good news. He is cleared to go back to duty. Kyle, on his side, isn’t really happy about this news as he is not sure if he wants to go back to KPD or work with Mike.

A confused Kyle says that he is going to be a horrible father. Tracy comforts him and assures him that he isn’t going to be a horrible father; he is just not ready; he needs to heal.

Mike is called to see the dead body of Horace’s wife. He is now sure that someone is coming for the bonds and wants Stevie to keep shuffling them.

Back at the prison, the leaders are gathered for a meeting with Captain Moore, who knows that they should’ve been on the streets by now. Moore says he doesn’t know when they will be free. It wasn’t his deal.

If Mike was going to fix this, he would’ve fixed it by now. Moore doesn’t know how long they are going to be here, but as long as they are here, he is going to make this experience as painless as it can be. He just doesn’t want them to play with him.

Once Moore leaves, one of the leaders says that he is done with Mike and they should run this place the way they do.

While Moore is leaving, Carney approaches him to tell him about the man who spilled blood in the middle of the yard. Carney worries that this matter will be investigated. This man is one of the inmates that Moore tortured.

In the meantime, Mike stops by Rhonda’s shop to make sure everything is alright. Joseph is summoned by Milo, who isn’t happy to learn that he has killed their leads to the bonds just because they wouldn’t talk.

Milo also wonders if Joseph would’ve come back with the money. He then insists on working on the bonds all alone.

At night, in the prison, Bunny gets to talk to Mike on Carney’s phone for a few minutes. Mike assures him that he is going to get him out. Until then, he has figured out a way for him to earn and take care of his family.

Back at the precinct, a hooded person breaks in and steals the bonds. Mike orders Stevie to look at the camera recordings, find out who stole those bonds, and erase the tapes.

Mike later sits down to talk with Bunny, but the latter is no longer ready to cooperate. On their way back to his cell, the guards who are friends with Gunner confront Bunny and Carney.

As the superiors, they take Bunny from Carney and put him in a room Bunny likes to call the ‘kill box’. Gunner told them to do this because he doesn’t want Bunny on his floor.

Carney calls Mike to inform him what just happened. Mike then attempts to contact Moore, but he doesn’t pick up the phone. Big Hush, who is also part of Bunny’s crew, puts one of the gang leaders on fire and kills him right in his cell.


  • The fact that Mike hasn’t made any progress with the DA at all has become a little frustrating at this point. The whole process of trusting Mike feels draggy now.
  • It’s good to see that other gang leaders are making their moves. Somehow, Mayor of Kingstown gets the ending right every time to raise the bar. There are a number of conflicts playing at the same time.
  • Moore is quite annoying, and the leadership role doesn’t suit him at all. Even he might pay for his deeds now.
  • Overall, Mayor of Kingstown has created a situation where every other character is in trouble and needs to look out for themselves. Mike’s deal has been completely kept aside. The fact that it’s no longer important to them has created problems for Mike.
Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 5
Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 5 recap & review: Kill Box 1

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