Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 6 recap & review: Left with the Nose

In Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 6, Mike directly approaches the higher officials to get Bunny out, while Bunny clears the path for himself on his own. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


Mike arrives at the office of Warwick Group to meet Wendy and to propose her a deal. Since he can’t get to the DA, he wants her to do the job. He will be in debt to her if she gets it done.

Back in the prison, a member of the Aryan Brotherhood attacks Big Hush, Raph, and the Bloods. The man manages to kill one of the Bloods. Big Hush and Raph then work together to stop him.

Davidson, the guard who is friends with Gunner, watched this murder take place and only came to stop the struggle when Big Hush and Raph took over.

Captain Moore assures Mike that Bunny will be out of the Kill Box by the end of the day. Mike reminds him that he shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

Moore defends himself by stating that he doesn’t run the place; he just looks after the inmates that have arrived from the Tent City. Talking about Luis’ death, Mike says that the Aryan Brotherhood is just playing games and it’s not Bunny who has ordered this.

When Moore tells him that Anchor Bay is where the Aryan Brotherhood rules, all Mike asks for is a meeting with Bunny as a visitor. Robert calls up a meeting and lets Mike, Ian, and Kyle know that he has received a heart attack letter.

Someone seems to have spoken against Robert. Mike believes that someone is playing against them and has cut a deal with the DA. Mike directs Robert to find out who the snitch is.

Outside the diner, Kyle reveals a duffle bag he has to Mike. He then discloses that he is the one who has stolen the bonds. Later at night, Mike warns Kyle to not pull a stunt like that ever again.

Before going back home, Mike drops by Davidson’s house. He straight orders him to stay away from Bunny. Davidson comes closer to Mike, intending to fight.

The moment Davidson pushes Mike, Kyle, who was told to stay out and not come until five minutes had passed, forces himself in with a gun in his hand and beats Davidson. The brothers once again tell Davidson to stay away from Bunny.

In the morning, Carney lets Bunny out of the Kill Box. Bunny claims that he is soon going to take charge of this situation. Mike is at the prison to meet Bunny as a visitor.

Mike explains how the streets have been quiet and how he will be out in minutes, but Bunny has already made his moves. The only thing is that he has moved the target from Mike’s back to someone else. Bunny doesn’t reveal who the target is now.

A concerned Mike interrupts the meeting between Evelyn and the DA, who doesn’t care about breaking the deal they made; he isn’t willing to work things out and let the gang leaders go.

Mike is left with no choice but to tell him that Milo has escaped. Mike is ready to flush Milo out, or he can just go straight to the media and tell them that the DA knew about his escape and didn’t do anything.

The DA argues that the blame will fall upon the DOC, but Mike reminds him that the people don’t know the difference. Now Evelyn knows that Milo has escaped, and she knows that means the DA knows too. After shutting the DA up, Mike immediately leaves the place.

In the prison, Gunner approaches Bunny in peace, assuring him that the man who attacked Big Hush and Raph’s group earlier was a lone wolf. He says that he has resources if Bunny is looking to speed things up.

Moments later, the Big Hush and Raph’s attacker is punished; his hands are cut off in a machine.

Mike pays Bunny’s hideout a visit. He notices how calm the place has become with him gone. He receives an unexpected call from Bunny, who claims that he has cleared the path for Mike to do his ‘mayor’ thing and get him out.

Mike doesn’t understand what he is saying. By clearing the path, Bunny means that he has made sure that the DA will be taken out. A masked thug kills the DA elsewhere. Bunny tells Mike to get Evelyn to sign those papers and let him go.

Amidst all of this, Mariam meets a juvenile inmate who seeks help from Mike to get moved to stay away from other inmates. He doesn’t want to mess up the deal his lawyer has got him.

Carney informs Moore that one of the three inmates Moore beat up is dead. Carney fabricated the papers in order to protect themselves. All Moore has to do is sign the papers, for which Moore intends to take some time.


  • Mayor of Kingstown season 2 finally picks up the pace it should have in the previous episode. The showcasing of struggles inside the prison was getting too long, but not anymore.
  • From time to time, Mike has portrayed how far he can go to get things done. Even in this episode, the viewers get to see that side of Mike when he confronts the DA. To put a cherry on top, Kyle also goes into that berserk mode.
  • Kyle’s drive to do some real work has seen him make some crazy decisions. They are annoying for sure, but the viewers will enjoy watching him beat Davidson, who kind of deserves this after what he did to Bunny.
  • Lastly, Mayor of Kingstown continues to close with something big. The creators have chosen to mess up something that was going smoothly. The question is how they will fit Milo into this. Hopefully, the show will not waste Milo’s arc by focusing too much on the drama inside the prison.
Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 6
Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 6 recap & review: Left with the Nose 1

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