Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 8 recap & review: Santa Jesus

In the eighth episode of Mayor of Kingstown season 2, Mike takes a day off, and Ian messes up a job while taking Charlie on a ride. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


Mike’s phone is locked in his office drawer and is still ringing. He is at a bar alone and starting his day by drinking. Mike has plans to take the day off and spend it away from all the drama.

In order to do that, he hands all of his keys to the bartender. He tells her that he will be back for them, but she should not hand him these, no matter what. He then proceeds to give her his gun too, which will be the only thing she will return.

Back at the prison, Bunny gifts Raph an electronic keyboard. It turns out that Bunny is finally leaving the prison, and he wants Raph to have some company. Bunny leaves the prison in style as his crew comes to pick him up.

Bunny’s gang is celebrating the king’s return to the streets. Bunny calls Mike to invite him to the celebration, but Mike isn’t receiving his calls.

Kyle and Miriam continue to contact Mike too but to no avail. While Kyle wants to tell him about Iris, Miriam needs Mike to talk to a juvenile inmate who needs his help.

Kyle goes looking for Mike and heads to Bunny’s place, hoping that Bunny might know where he is, but Bunny clarifies that he hasn’t been able to talk to Mike either.

Kyle questions Bunny about whether he finds it odd that Mike didn’t come to pick him up. Bunny agrees and assures Kyle that he will check in with his informers to see if someone has painted a target on Mike.

Meanwhile, as promised, Charlie is planning to go to the dentist with Ian. He eats stones to break his teeth and insists on going to the dentist only with Ian.

Ian picks up Charlie, but they drop by Ben Morrissey’s house first. Ben Morrissey is the rat who has spoken up against Robert. Ian cuffs Charlie and shows Charlie’s report to Ben, who is scared upon reading about the crimes Charlie has committed.

Ian threatens Ben using Charlie, which leaves Ben no option but to back out of giving testimony against Robert. Right after doing so, Ben pours out his frustration on both of them, and in a fit of rage, he says a word that triggers Charlie.

Charlie grabs Ben’s neck and kills him in seconds. Before anyone in the neighborhood could see them, Ben ordered Charlie to help him get Ben inside the house.

Ian throws a thing or two around and steals Ben’s belongings to make this all look like a robbery gone wrong. Near a lake, Ian holds a gun against Charlie, but he fails to muster up the courage to kill him.

Iris gets to meet Milo. He is impressed to see that she has been able to make good money despite not working that much. He believes that she deserves more challenging tasks.

Mike continues to go from bar to bar to buy drinks, and soon he ends up crossing paths with a woman named Allison, who is drowning in the memory of her dead husband, Terry, and is in the same condition that Mike is in. They both end up sleeping together.

Robert, Kyle, and Stevie celebrate as Ben seems to have backed out. They think Mike has talked Ben out of giving the testimony. Ian walks in, but he doesn’t tell them that he is the one who forced Ben not to give testimony and that now he is dead. He joins them in the celebration.

The next day, Mike wakes up to leave Allison’s house. Allison is on the phone, telling someone that Mike is with her. She immediately hangs up when Mike comes. Allison offers Mike some coffee, but he intends to leave. On his way out, a car follows Mike around.

Kyle, Ian, and Rhonda show up at Mike’s office to meet him, but he isn’t there. They do discover his phone, though. Mike manages to make it to the bar, where he has left his gun.

The bartender allows him to take the gun, but she doesn’t let him have the keys. She reminds him of what he said yesterday, and Mike now regrets telling her not to give him the keys.

Mike heads out with a gun in his hand, and the car following him comes right at him. Mike manages to take the person inside down, who is revealed to be Davidson. Mike sits on a bench by the bus stand to take a breath, and then Milo shows up to meet Mike.


  • The eighth episode continues to be a bit slow on developments. Mike taking a break from all the mess makes sense, but roaming a town where a crime takes place every day without a gun and all alone doesn’t.
  • Ian and Charlie’s arc is the only one that shines in this episode. Kenny Johnson is very good at portraying a childlike Charlie. One easily starts loving him after watching him be obedient. The moment the viewers will see the real Charlie, they will be left gasping.
  • Ian has managed to mess up the job he wasn’t supposed to do, which brings another problem into the mix. Also, now that Bunny is out, the whole prison debacle is hopefully done too, leaving the show to focus on Milo, who has stayed in the background the whole season.
Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 8
Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 8 recap & review: Santa Jesus 1

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