Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 9 recap & review: Peace in the Valley

In Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 9, Mike returns after having a day off to find his world crumbling into pieces. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+.


Mike and Milo sit down to have a conversation. Milo knows his bonds are in police custody. He wants them back. In exchange, he will let Iris go and leave the town. Though Mike initially denies not knowing what Milo is talking about, he accepts the deal for Iris.

Elsewhere, Bunny and his gang ambush an ammunition shop and steal guns from it. Mike returns to the office and reunites with Kyle. He tells Kyle about the deal he has made with Milo and gets furious when he learns that Kyle went looking for Milo.

Mike confesses that he just wants Milo out of this town, and when Kyle asks what Iris means to her, Mike says that he wants her to get away from all of this.

Kyle tells Mike how he had to ask Bunny to figure out if someone has put a target on him. It turns out that Mike doesn’t even know that Bunny is out.

On his way, Mike talks to Mariam and promises to talk to the juvenile inmate, Jacob. He contacts Moore regarding the same. He also receives a call from Ian, who asks him to come to the ammunition shop to see what Bunny has done.

Ian says Bunny is trying to start a war. During the conversation, he also tells Mike that the case against Robert has gone away. It has been dropped somehow, and everyone believes Mike has gotten through to Morrisey.

A surprised Mike visits Evelyn to thank her for saving Robert and Bunny. Evelyn then lets him know that she hasn’t done either of these jobs and that if she gets elected as the next DA, she will stop him and his criminals from driving this place into the ground.

Evelyn says Mike’s SWAT officer, Robert, kills with impunity, and Morrisey, who tried to call him out, is now dead. She likes to believe that inmates are running the asylum and that Mike is the one who gave them the key to do so.

Mike then proceeds to visit Bunny to confront him about the ambush. Bunny defends himself by stating that he needs to protect his crown as the king.

Bunny is happy that Mike kept his word; they are even now, but still, there is a toll to be paid for the people he lost inside the prison during the riots. Therefore, he plans to get paid by killing Robert. Mike warns Bunny not to do such a thing because he will be starting a fight he will not like.

Late at night, Iris calls Mike and arranges a meeting with him. The next day, Mike is warned by Ian and Stevie about the guns that Bunny has stolen. ATF will definitely start a war if Bunny doesn’t return them.

Robert arrives, and Mike confronts him and asks if he got rid of Morrisey. Ian watches the confrontation from afar without spilling a single word. Robert leaves in fury after denying the allegations.

Mike goes back to Bunny to inform him that he needs to return those guns. Bunny is willing to give them back if he gets Robert’s head. Though Mike claims that he can’t have that, Bunny says that the king gets what he wants.

Mike manages to contact Robert, but he fails to make it in time as Robert gets ambushed and attacked by a gang of bikers.

Amidst all of this, Jacob, the juvenile inmate Mariam wanted Mike to meet, commits suicide inside the prison. Kyle and Tracy’s relationship continues to suffer. Lastly, Iris kills Joseph when he tries to force himself on her.


  • A day off for Mike hasn’t given him any good results. With him away, problems have continued to pile up. It’s worse than before.
  • At this point, it’s hard to determine the main conflict the show is heading toward. The prison deal is only half-done as only Bunny is out; there is a mess created by Ian; Bunny wants Robert; and then there is Milo too. There is a lot thrown into the mix.
  • In the last episode, it felt like the show has moved on from portraying a day in the prisons of Kingstown and is now looking at a day in Kingstown. It’s fine, as the town is important, but the show must not compromise and slow down the main plot just to show how dangerous the town is.
Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 9
Mayor of Kingstown season 2 episode 9 recap & review: Peace in the Valley 1

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