My Demon season 1 episode 3 recap & review: Joining Hands With a Demon

In the third episode of My Demon, after convincing Gu-won to be her bodyguard, Do-hee loses someone very close to her. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Gu-won saves Do-hee from the acid attack and heals himself. This time when he tells her that he is a demon, she believes him. He also accompanies her to the police station, where Do-hee does not tell Sergeant Park about Cha Tae-jun, the head of Mirae Group’s financial team, contacting her before his death.

Now that Do-hee knows that the tattoo on her wrist is the source of Gu-won’s powers, she asks him to be her bodyguard and protect his tattoo. Much to her disappointment, Gu-won refuses, no matter how much she threatens to get the tattoo removed.

The police believe that Cha Tae-jun killed himself, which Do-hee finds odd. She informs Madam Ju that he contacted her because he wanted to give her an important piece of information. Madam Ju dismisses Do-hee’s concerns but starts looking into the matter.

As Gu-won has not been making new deals, he starts combusting. This leads to him agreeing to be Do-hee’s bodyguard. He then takes Do-hee to make a new deal. The person that he chooses turns out to be the mother of a sick child.

The mother agrees to sign the blood contract in exchange for her daughter’s life. The spontaneous combustion stops, but the deal upsets Do-hee because she thinks that Gu-won is exploiting people’s misfortunes. Do-hee no longer wants Gu-won to be her bodyguard.

Do-hee’s opinion about his work affects Gu-won. He goes to meet the girl whose life was saved when her mother made a deal with him. The little girl tells him that she wishes that her parents would never have to suffer because of her.

On the other hand, Do-hee sees the girl celebrating her birthday with her parents. She realizes that the girl’s mother is happy to be with her daughter, who is well and alive. Gu-won and Do-hee both come to understand each other’s perspectives. 

Gu-won then starts working as Do-hee’s bodyguard, and Do-hee does not object. Gu-won tells Do-hee about his life. He used to be a human before he was chosen to be a demon, but he does not remember his life as a human. 

Meanwhile, Madam Ju finds out that someone has been appropriating company funds. Madam Ju rebukes this person, whose identity is not revealed. She tells them that they will have to pay for their actions.

Later, Madam Ju sends a message to Do-hee to let her know that she loves her. Do-hee pays her a visit and finds her dead. Do-hee loses the only person who loved her and treated her like family after the death of her parents.

At the funeral, Do-hee finds out that Madam Ju was forming an audit team. Do-hee also realizes that Madam Ju’s family is happy that she is dead. An upset Do-hee leaves the funeral, and it is Gu-won who keeps her company and comforts her.

Later, Sergeant Park and Detective Lee inform Madam Ju’s family that she took a medicine she was allergic to, and that caused a heart attack. This leads Do-hee to the conclusion that Madam Ju was murdered and that her killer might be the person who has been targeting Do-hee. 

While Do-hee wants to find the murderer, Madam Ju’s family wants the matter buried. Do-hee suspects that the murderer is one of them. When Madam Ju’s will is read, it is revealed that she named Do-hee the next chairperson of the Mirae Group, much to everyone’s surprise.

However, to keep the management rights, Do-hee must marry within a year. Madam Ju left her children and Do-hee letters to explain why she chose Do-hee as her successor. As expected, Madam Ju’s family wants Do-hee to reject the position.

Do-hee, who is determined to find Madam Ju’s killer, tells everyone that they will have to kill her if they want to stop her. She is even ready to join hands with a demon to get to the bottom of the matter. Do-hee then proposes marriage to Gu-won.


  • The first part of the episode is light-hearted and silly. Apart from the shenanigans of the characters, there are also minor characters who make a brief appearance but do not fail to entertain the audience. 
  • With Madam Ju’s death, the episode takes a serious turn. It was unexpected that Madam Ju would be killed so soon. Fortunately, the episode has a few touching scenes that prevent the portrayal of her death from feeling rushed or insignificant.
  • Gu-won’s deal with the sick child’s mother also adds emotional depth to the episode. Due to the complexity of the situation, the characters cannot term Gu-won’s intervention as help or exploitation. It highlights the fact that there are instances when there is no definitive right or wrong. 
My Demon season 1 episode 3
My Demon season 1 episode 3 recap & review: Joining Hands With a Demon 1

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