My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 3 recap & review: Our First Date

In episode 3 of My Happy Marriage, Kiyoka and Miyo go on their first unofficial date as the former learns more about Miyo’s family and fascinating bloodline.


Kiyoka has a day off which he intends on spending by going out to town and shopping. He tells Miyo that she’s to accompany him as well, which scares her and she tries to suggest she’ll only be in his way, but he shoots all of it down.

They go to the town and he takes her to a tailor shop and chooses clothes, liking one fabric in particular that resembles the cherry pink kimono that Miyo’s mother used to wear. While it reminds Miyo of her mother, Kiyoka thinks it’ll be perfect for her, asking for it to be sewn.

Later, they eat at a restaurant and Kiyoka insists that she speak her mind clearly and without hesitation to him. Meanwhile, Minoru is upset at Shinichi for marrying Miyo off to Kudo since he wants her as his eldest son.

Shinichi cruelly states that he wants nothing to do with Miyo and cares not if she’s dead or alive. Minoru reminds Shinichi that she’s the daughter of an Usuba and that her offspring has the potential to exhibit the unparalleled spiritual powers that run in her bloodline, but not her.

Shinichi says she would be discarded by her fiancé soon anyway, and that Minoru can do whatever he wishes to do with her. Kaya gets ticked off just listening to the two men talking about Miyo in any capacity.

At home, Kiyoka gifts Miyo a new comb after learning about her old, broken one, along with the rags she wears as clothes, which is why he takes her shopping. Miyo is perturbed by this gesture and when Kiyoka clarifies it’s her gift and she must accept it, she does.

At work, Kiyoka learns from Iwashimizu, who digs up information on the Saimori family and Miyo’s bloodline that she was treated in a manner very unbecoming of the prestigious family and that she has no spiritual powers while hailing from the elusive and powerful Usuba family.

While heading out for home, Kiyoka senses Shiki-gami above him which he shoots down with a massive fire attack he conjures easily. Although a weak attempt at spying on him, he wonders who it could be that dares to do such a thing, as My Happy Marriage episode 3 rolls the credits.


  • It is incredibly heartwarming to see Miyo break out of the shell she’s been caged into for years by her family, one smidge at a time.
  • To have someone show her affection is the minimal bit of all the good things she deserves but it’s still progress and it’s still cathartic.
  • The mystique surrounding the Usuba family continues and bits and pieces are already building towards a grand reveal in the upcoming episodes of My Happy Marriage.
My Happy Marriage
My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 3 recap & review: Our First Date 1

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