My Hero Academia season 6 episode 21 recap & review: The Lovely Lady Nagant

In My Hero Academia season 6 episode 21, Deku takes on Lady Nagant in a battle of cunning, calculation, and attrition, while also making a breakthrough in terms of how he looks at society at large.


Deku employs one too many quirks in the fight against Lady Nagant, who keeps gaining the upper hand. Deku soon learns that she’s employing more than one quirk too, thanks to All For One.

Meanwhile, All Might faces off against two small-time thugs, as Endeavor, Jeanist, and Hawks make their way to the scene. Deku uses the smokescreen to buy some time while he prepares to use Fa Ji, the quirk belonging to the Third Wielder, and it resides in the leg.

Baiting Lady Nagant with diversions, and finally gaining an upper hand by attenuating the distance between himself and her. However, Lady Nagant is unrelenting, as she prepares to attack Chisaki with a boosted bullet, in order to incapacitate Deku with the guilt he’d feel at failing to save a life.

However, Deku uses an amalgamation of quirk, a truly diabolical and impressive mixture of Fa Jin, One For All at 45% input, and Blackwhip, and saves Chisaki, following which he also manages to destroy Nagant’s gun.

Before this impressive feat, though, Deku also learns about Nagant’s history, as she tells him amid battle, of the grand sham that the Commission was operating behind, asking her to take countless lives to maintain a false hope.

When she reached her breaking point and refused to carry out a kill job, she killed the Director of Commision before he could inflict any damage on her. This incident was later on covered up as her killing a fellow hero.

She has lost all hope in the heroes and their dishonest machinations, instead opting for All For One’s regime and rule, which she claims would at least be transparent. However, as she falls to the ground after being defeated by Deku, her hand is grabbed by the same hero, in whose eyes she sees the vigor of hope and optimism she once had.

She’s startled by his heroic spirit but it’s cut off as the conditional transfer of her extra quirk unleashes the emergency measure on her body, making it explode as All For One bids farewell to the “pitiful and pathetic” Lady Nagant.

However, Hawks arrives and holds on to her mid-air, and she’s enlivened briefly again, by the same optimism in his eyes as in Deku’s. Before she goes unconscious, she reveals to them the location where All For One is right now.

All Might arrives, and so does Endeavor, who gets a hold of Chisaki, who wants only one thing — to meet his father. Deku promises him a meeting with his father on the condition that he apologizes to Eri.

My Hero Academia season 6 episode 21 ends with Deku enraptured by an immense rage for All For One.


  • My Hero Academia season 6 episode 21 suffers from subpar animation, which sours the experience and deprives the viewers of the visual treat that Deku’s fight could have turned out to be.
  • Hasty lines and strokes, with not nearly enough frames, make for sequences that are utterly devoid of an impact. This is a shame because with the music that drops in while Deku goes for the rescue using the centrifugal force of Blackwhip, a smoother and more articulate animation would have made for an unforgettable moment.
  • Lady Nagant’s fate doesn’t seem to be fatal but she sure seems to be in a really decrepit state, so it looks like she might survive this ordeal, it’s unclear if she’d jump into action anytime soon because more from a great character like her can never be wrong.
  • Chisaki’s storyline promises a future episode of My Hero Academia where he might interact with Eri, which makes one question what response will that evoke in her, and how will it contribute to her growth as a person and as a hero.
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 21
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 21 recap & review: The Lovely Lady Nagant 1

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