My Hero Academia sesason 6 episode 14 recap & review: Hellish Hell

‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 episode 14 sees the heroes and the police force contend with the desolate hellscape left in the wake of the villains’ attack.


‘Hellish Hell’ opens with Deku recapping the events that led up to the harrowing aftermath of Shigaraki and PLF’s destruction.

A flashback sequence shows Re-Destro ambushed by the Public Safety Mission after fooling him with a ruse of a “deal”, however, the commission faces a setback when Re-Destro turns out to be a clone and kills the president.

Meanwhile, the other Pro Hero factions continue their onslaught over at the Jaku Hospital and the Gunga Mountain Villa. Many pro Heroes die saving people and dealing with diabolical villains.

Class 1-A students find that Midnight is more, following which they mourn her as well as other heroes who dropped dead.

Meanwhile, Uraraka continues her rescue efforts but seeing another Pro Hero lose his willpower in the face of such catastrophe gets to her.

Deku, Kacchhan, and other injured heroes are taken to medical care, along with Mr. Compress, while Gigantomachia and Nomus are restrained and carried away.

Re-Destro and his underlings are all arrested, and so is Garaki, who reveals that the thing that brought Shigaraki from his death was only his dream and his intense hatred.

Deku thinks back on how Shigaraki seemed to have been asking for help as he gets carried away with medical care by the professionals. Meanwhile, All For One flees to an unknown location with Dabi, Spinner, and some Nomus by his side.

With the top-ranking heroes having bitten the dust, Public Safety Commission is in shambles and so is the public trust in the heroes.

This societal instability delights All For One, who relishes maniacally in the fact and plots his real body’s rescue from Tartarus before ‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 episode 14 rolls the credits.


  • ‘My Hero Academia’ season 6’s resumption plunges the viewers back to the horrific sight left by the battle between the villains and the heroes.
  • However, a good chunk of the episode is taken up by a dreadful recapitulation of things and a flashback that doesn’t really add much to the story.
  • So too doesn’t the explanation behind Shigaraki’s return from his death — the point of his diabolical hatred has been made clear quite abundantly.
  • All For One’s relentless pursuit of chaos is a nice little tease at the end, giving way for some possible high-octane action in the coming episodes.
  • Meanwhile, the dark stuff this episode sees one of the most beloved characters pass away while Ochaco feels the dread of the war and the casualties.
  • However, as is the bane of any anime adaptation, there will be comparisons to the source material, and ‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 hasn’t really fared all that well so far, compared to the corresponding manga panels — something that’s consistent with this episode as well.
My Hero Academia sesason 6 episode 14
My Hero Academia sesason 6 episode 14 recap & review: Hellish Hell 1

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