National Treasure: Edge of History season 1 episode 5 recap & review: Bad Romance

‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ episode 5 sees Jess and Tasha working to find who in their midst is the traitor, while also advancing to the next stage in their hunt for the treasure.


Jess shares her suspicions regarding Liam with Tasha, surmising that he must be the traitor that Riley warned her about. Tasha later phishes Liam through email to ultimately gain access to his bank transactions, finding that he was just sent a whopping $50,000 from someone.

They take it as a sum he must have received from Billie for covertly working with her. Shortly, Liam asks Jess by text if she wants to visit Governor’s mansion for Meriwether Lewis’s journal, which Jess doesn’t respond to.

Meanwhile, Billie’s clue-solving goes smoothly as she effortlessly dwarves her techy guy Dario in knowledge, which she employs to correctly deduce Elvis’s words. She later approaches an auctioneer to get her hands on Malinche’s codex.

She later goes to a professor at the University of Mexico City to translate the journal, but he tells her that it’s not Cortés’s journal at all, also providing the proof for his claims. As it turns out, Billie was sold a fake.

Meanwhile, Jess confronts Liam about the sum of money he received, and Liam is hurt to get such accusations levied upon him. Later, Jess and Tasha discover that Oren’s shoes are bugged and realize that Liam wasn’t the mole.

She later apologizes to Liam and the two make up. At the ball, she and Ethan are forced by Oren and Tasha to recreate the dance number they did on prom.

While Liam and Meena are supportive at first, seeing how Ethan and Jess get into the feels a bit too much during their spicy dance routine, Meena runs off crying while Liam also disappears.

Ethan tries assuring Meena that he doesn’t have a thing for Jess but she knows better and calls it quits on their relationship after telling him to figure his feelings out. Meanwhile, Liam steals the journal and Jess follows him, only to be spotted by a guard, who tips others off.

While Tasha creates a diversion, Jess takes off, escaping from the guards and out into the roads. On foot, she’s slow and prone to detainment, until none other than Billie pulls up in her car, asking Jess to get in, which she does as the former drives away.


  • The finality of ‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ episode 5 might make way for the two treasure-hunting rivals to probably unite in their efforts, at least until they get closest to the treasure (when the climactic double-crossing can occur).
  • However, the eventuality of that is up in the air, but what’s not dubious anymore is Jess’s role in the treasure that Billie seeks, and she knows it well now.
  • The Jess-Ethan-Liam triangle keeps getting messy and it’ll be interesting to see how this equation ends up by the time the finale arrives.
National Treasure: Edge of History season 1 episode 5
National Treasure: Edge of History season 1 episode 5 recap & review: Bad Romance 1

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