National Treasure: Edge of History season 1 episode 10 recap & review: Treasure Protectors

Episode 10 of National Treasure: Edge of History marks the conclusion of its first season, in a finale that sees Jess and friends try to beat Billie to the treasure.


Billie and Hendricks take off to the treasure site, with Rafael and Jess still in captivity. Later on, they stumble upon a trap that the father-daughter duo manages to get one of the men to fall victim to.

The man is hit by the poison that comes out of the trap and starts hallucinating, before beginning his blind shootout. Many of their men die as collateral and Kacey gets shot in the leg. In the meantime, Rafael and Jess escape but shortly get caged inside another trap.

Ethan, Liam, Tasha, and Oren are saved by a mortally wounded Ross when they’re just about to be killed by Billie’s men. Tasha and Oren take Ross to safety while the other two head off to rescue Jess and Rafael.

They eventually meet the father and daughter and help free them from the trap. Meanwhile, Hendricks kills Kacey, citing her liability required her death. Billie realizes that Rafael was true and Hendricks also confesses that he killed Sebastian.

Before he sings his praises a bit too much, Billie kills him and advances to the next part of her hunt. Meanwhile, the protagonists end up finding the treasure, only to be held at a gunpoint by Billie, who catches up to them.

Ethan sneaks up on her and helps get her gun in Liam’s hands. Rafael gets injures but survives, and Billie’s finally arrested by the authorities. National Treasure: Edge of History season 1 ends with the Pan American Treasure Exhibit being held and the protagonists gaining acclaim for their perilous adventures.


  • With its tenth episode, season 1 of National Treasure: Edge of History arrives at its finale, which keeps the consistency of the show intact and thriving, as lousy performances and a lousier story are all the rage.
  • Salazar’s send-off is just as stupid as his reveal and just as inconsequential as the puzzles that the hunt has posed to Jess.
  • The motivations that drive the mystical and mighty Cras Est Nostrum group are baffling because they seem befitting of a mighty and mystical group that already exists in the franchise — the FBI, which the show instead tries so much to glorify. Meanwhile, the revelation retroactively explains Hendricks’s actions in the movies.
  • Tension, suspense, thrill, mystery, and several other elements that an adventure-action show must be capable of evoking, are all more mythical here than the treasures Jess and company look for.
  • If all the aforementioned stuff didn’t suffice, the mid-credits pop-ups of the characters and what they’re up to since the treasure hunt are incredibly obnoxious for the simple but very hard detail to ignore — the online anonymous usernames.
  • It’s befitting, however, the amount of creativity conjured to come up with those “@” and “!” as the hallmark of almost all the usernames. While not worth dwelling on that much, this tiny annoyance at the end of the show perfectly concludes the 10-episode morose circus that preceded it.
National Treasure: Edge of History episode 10
National Treasure: Edge of History season 1 episode 10 recap & review: Treasure Protectors 1

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