Platonic season 1 episode 8 recap & review: San Diego

In the eighth episode of Platonic, Sylvia joins Will on a trip to San Diego to meet Johnny Rev. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Sylvia comes back home, and her family celebrates her. She fails to tell them that she has been fired after seeing how happy they are knowing she is doing what she loves.

Sylvia pretends that she is still working for Kirk and leaves home the next day, wearing another suit. She lets Will know that she has been fired for ruining Kirk’s painting and spends time at his bar.

Will encourages her to tell Charlie the truth and assures her that Charlie will see this event as funny; he won’t take this firing seriously and will understand her. Sylvia promises to do that, but she continues to hide this from Charlie and keeps hanging out at Will’s bar.

Will forces her a lot, and she finally tells Charlie the truth, who understands her but, at the same time, thinks Kirk was right about firing her, as he has a business to run. Sylvia is not happy with his response. She wanted Charlie to demean Kirk’s law firm and only care about her.

The next day, Sylvia learns that Katie is joining Will’s friends on a trip to San Diego to meet Johnny Rev, the CEO of Johnny 66. Andy invited Katie. Sylvia wonders why Will hasn’t invited her and calls him.

Will confesses that he isn’t going to San Diego; he is not into these corporate things. Sylvia convinces Will to go to San Diego, and Will agrees that he needs to prove to his friends that he is indispensable.

Back in his office, while working on Maeve’s birthday book, Charlie discovers Sylvia’s recent videos of her hanging out at Will’s bar. He can’t believe that she told Will about her firing first and not him.

Charlie overthinks what else Sylvia could be hiding. The fact that Sylvia is on a trip to San Diego with Will further makes him concerned. Stewart assembles all of his close colleagues to figure out what Sylvia is up to

In San Diego, Will’s friends question him about whether he is here to ruin their business deal. Reggie begs Will not to ruin this and Will promises him.

Will almost does that when they meet Jenna from the food chemistry division of Johnny 66. She has been working with Will on his bar’s new beer. Will honestly points out what they need to do with the drink.

Will’s friends are not happy with him criticizing Johnny 66’s ways. However, Johnny Rev himself welcomes criticism with open arms and appreciates Will’s honesty. He even invites Will’s friends for supper at his place.

Will now has leverage over his friends. He can express his thoughts and ask for what he wants. Will thanks Sylvia for encouraging him to come here.

Meanwhile, Charlie’s colleagues have begun their own investigation. They find out that Jessipa, the pet lizard Sylvia brought into their house, belonged to Will first.

At Johnny Rev’s, Johnny Rev gets to know Sylvia better. He finds out that Sylvia is here with Will, without her husband. He assumes that she is a catch and tries to kiss her. Sylvia manages to avoid him.

When she tells her friends about it, Will pitches that they should leave, but his friends are not ready for that. Sylvia assures them that she is fine, and they all agree to stay for dinner and leave.

While discussing this matter, Katie accidentally finds out about Andy’s ring. Andy is then left with no option but to propose to Katie right away, and Katie accepts it.

At the dinner, Johnny continues to be rude. Will, who is always honest, confronts Johnny, and a fight breaks out. Will apologizes to Reggie, who just lost this deal, but he then says something Sylvia wanted Charlie to say. Will clarifies that he doesn’t care about Johnny Rev and his deal.

When Sylvia reaches home, she finds Charlie waiting for her with Jessipa in his hands. He calls the lizard Gandalf, hinting to Sylvia that he knows where she got this pet from.


  • So far, Platonic has portrayed Will’s problematic and toxic traits. The eighth episode shows why his dedication to his art matters for the bar to work, as he is always honest. However, this same honesty backfires on the team later in the episode.
  • Sylvia’s struggles to tell Charlie about her firing is quite funny. Platonic makes a great decision by not stretching this bit for an entire episode.
  • Charlie’s squad of colleagues is silly, and it will be hard for a viewer to figure out if they should accept them for being this way. Their investigation does sound hilarious as an idea, but in execution, they fail to crack a laugh.
Platonic season 1 episode 8
Platonic season 1 episode 8 recap & review: San Diego 1

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