Rick and Morty season 7 episode 9 recap & review: Mort: Ragnarick

In Rick and Morty season 7 episode 9, Rick gets himself killed to explore the afterlife and get a piece of the infinite energy it possesses.


Using Jerry for his experiment, Rick kills him repeatedly and sends him to the afterlife, for short durations. After confirming that the afterlife/heaven does exist, he plans to go there himself.

Rick wishes to get the infinite amount of energy that the afterlife operates with. He locks himself in a cell, releases the Bigfoot from his Pokéball, and gets himself killed by him, while a clone of himself is available at the facility in case things go awry, which they do.

Rick enters Valhalla and starts pretending to be Odin to begin his experiments and work to harvest the energy. Morty, who was to keep guard at the Norway facility, takes pity on Bigfoot after he seems to be mourning Rick.

However, Bigfoot is cleverer than Rick and Morty have given him credit for. He kills Morty and then destroys the container keeping the contingency clone of Rick that he’s supposed to return to from the afterlife.

Morty joins Rick as the Vikings in Valhalla keep coming to attack Rick. Morty keeps killing them again and again, with Rick’s weapons, and sending them to their original spawn points.

After a while, the cyclical torture changes the minds of the Vikings, but Rick and Morty’s attacks continue, destroying their original spawn point, a bar, completely.

Rick finishes his contraption to harvest the energy and flies to the Vikings with Morty, taunting them for not believing he’s Odin.

He then hands them all ten commandments, one of which is to never venture into his fortress and tinker around with his energy harvester.

Back on Earth, the clone Rick goes into auto mode, saving himself by running off willy-nilly. Meanwhile, Bigfoot is captured by the men of the Catholic pope, who tasks him with killing the enemies of the church.

Rick and Morty return and the Bigfoot pummels Rick until he admits his mistake and apologizes to him.

They then join hands to take down the pope, who uses the infinite energy of the afterlife to incinerate them to death, repeatedly, as they revive themselves again and again.

Rick uses the Universal Monsters, the creatures that Bigfoot tells him about, that all have been captured by the pope. They all get sent to Valhalla, though, and there, Rick finally tricks the Vikings into pulling the plug on the infinite energy.

They return, and then as the pope runs out of energy, kill him and free Bigfoot, who’s now a human since he was revived into a human clone. Rick and Morty bid him an unnecessarily emotional farewell, as he reenters the forest unwillingly.


  • Rick and Morty’s “Mort: Ragnarick” marks the penultimate entry in the seventh season and is a great improvement on the last episode.
  • The Norse mythology, Bigfoot, the pope, and the Universal Monsters make for a great melting pot of a story here and each element lends significantly to the hilarious circumstances that come about.
  • The pattern of Rick becoming capable of owning up to his mistakes continues and it’s nice to see how he’s evolved this much, without losing his maniacal thirst for unbelievable adventures.
Rick and Morty season 7 episode 9
Rick and Morty season 7 episode 9 recap & review: Mort: Ragnarick 1

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