Servant season 4 episode 3 recap & review: Séance

The third episode of Servant season 4 sees Dorothy’s new live-in nurses get familiar with the Turner household. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Roberta and Beverly, Dorothy’s new live-in nurses, introduce themselves to Sean, Julian, and Leanne in a very rhythmic and poetic manner. They do leave an impression on Sean, who is quite happy to have them.

He gives them a tour of the house while Leanne watches them with suspicion. She later confesses to Julian that she feels that they are part of the Church of the Lesser Saints who have infiltrated the house to hurt her.

Roberta and Beverly encourage Dorothy to look at the bright side with their sweet talks. Dorothy, who is adamant that she will walk again, receives the support she is looking for from them.

Roberta and Beverly continue to spread positivity around the house. They offer books to Sean and Julian after making clever observations.

Jericho receives a new toy too, but Leanne doesn’t let him play with it. She throws it away in the dustbin. She then finds out that Roberta and Beverly haven’t forgotten about her either.

The nurses have attached notes inside Leanne’s room suggesting the changes she should make to the room. They have left a book for her as well. Leanne quickly removes these tags and throws the book away in fury.

Upon Leanne’s suggestion, Julian continues investigating the nurses. He sneaks into their room while they are with Dorothy and comes across their personal things; nothing suspicious comes out of their bags.

With Roberta and Beverly’s help, Dorothy manages to stand up on her feet but fails to walk ahead.

Leanne discovers the same toy she had thrown earlier in Jericho’s cradle again. She immediately confronts the nurses, wondering if they are taunting her. They say they just wanted to give Jericho a toy. Leanne clarifies that Jericho doesn’t need toys from them.

The nurses bring their concerns to Sean, who realizes that they have noticed that their family has fallen apart. Sean admits that they have suffered from loss after loss, especially in this house.

The nurses pitch a radical idea to solve these problems. Roberta and Beverly hold a séance where they contact the spirits of the house with the help of their particular belongings.

Every member of the house is invited, including Leanne. The nurses allow Dorothy to pour her heart out, and she confesses that she has been longing for some guidance.

Roberta becomes the vessel, and she lets Dorothy know what the spirits are saying. Apart from the family members of the Turners, Roberta also notices something else, more like a warning.

Dorothy’s mother’s spirit is showing Roberta the house, but it’s different; this house is falling apart. Dorothy’s mother takes her to the street, and Roberta sees a dark shadow in the window.

This shadow has tethered itself to the family and attached itself to it. Roberta hears a baby crying, and its wailing hurts her. She claims that no one is coming to the baby’s aid.

The time runs out, and Roberta says they have to close the door to the other side. Leanne insists on continuing. She presents her with an item of her own, which is a dagger. She asks Roberta to tell her something about it.

Leanne hurls accusations at her. Soon she attacks Roberta and rips the back of her dress to see if she has scars. It turns out that she doesn’t, which means she isn’t part of the cult.

Julian later confronts Leanne, and she says that she would’ve killed Roberta there right away if she was part of the cult.

At night, Leanne dreams about their neighborhood, which has been destroyed, and the shadow Roberta talked about is haunting the Turner household. Dorothy wakes up to find Leanne curled up by her side, sleeping quietly.


  • The episode starts off like it’s another filler, but it’s commendable that the show managed to make Roberta and Beverly look and sound scary and important.
  • The episode spoke a lot about the condition of the Turner family, all thanks to these two new additions. The nurses observe the family members carefully and put forth their clever observations.
  • At first, the whole séance feels like a spoof, until the talk about the destroyed neighborhood comes into the picture. The creators make brilliant use of the camera to capture the reactions of every character, especially Leanne, whose anger seems to be responsible for this.
  • Throughout the episode, the notion is that Roberta and Beverly come out as creepy as they try too hard to make everyone comfortable, but in the end, Leanne becomes the more creepy one when she sleeps by Dorothy’s side.
Servant season 4 episode 3
Servant season 4 episode 3 recap & review: Séance 1

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