Silo finale recap, review & ending explained

In the finale of Silo, Juliette attempts to show the people of Silo what the outside world looks like, but Judicial catches up to her. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.

Episode 10 recap: Outside

After watching Jane Carmody’s video from the outside, Juliette becomes determined to show this video to everyone in the Silo. Danny, the hacker, says that if they want to show this on every screen in Silo, they need to get to a signal booster hub.

There is one hub on level 126. Patrick is forced to go with Juliette and Danny, as Judicial will be on its way to his apartment. Since there is security on every level, Juliette, Patrick, and Danny use the trash chute to travel to other levels.

Trash and lots of other kinds of stuff fall down as they travel through the chute and reach level 126. While Judicial is busy tracking Juliette down, Sims receives news about Billings interfering with the investigation. Sims confronts Billings and learns that he has the syndrome.

Meanwhile, Juliette’s group reaches level 126’s hub. They are well aware that Judicial will come for them once Danny connects the hard drive to level 126’s hub, but they have enough time to show everyone the truth.

Bernard asks for Sims to be called, and they soon spot Juliette’s group. Danny links all the screens of Silo to one video, and soon Jane Carmody’s video starts playing everywhere.

Bernard orders his officers to shut their eyes, including Sims, who voluntarily looks away. To stop the broadcast of the video, Bernard chooses to shut down Silo’s system.

Juliette’s chance to show the people of Silo the truth ends here. She is forced to part ways with Patrick and Danny. Bernard figures out that Juliette is using the trash chute to travel to other levels.

Judicial finds her in the chute. Since Juliette won’t surrender, Judicial throws heavy stuff at her. Juliette loses hold of the ladder when she sees a heavy unit coming at her.

Juliette falls into the Mechanical, and the people there rescue her. To safeguard the interests of Down Deep, Knox tells Judicial that Juliette is with them. Before Judicial can take Juliette away, she tells Martha something.

Juliette says that people in Silo can handle the truth, but Bernard doesn’t share the same optimism. He destroys George’s hard drive right in front of Juliette.

In order to prevent the rebellion, Bernard needs Juliette to stop telling the people that she didn’t ask to be sent outside. Juliette agrees; all she wants to know is what happened to George.

Bernard is ready to offer more than that. He puts Juliette in shackles and takes her away. Martha, on the other hand, for the first time in 25 years, steps out of her house to visit Carla from the supply to help Juliette.

Martha came to Carla to talk about the heat tape that Judicial uses. Clearly, the tape Martha uses is way better in quality, and Martha is intrigued about why the people at Up Top use a tape of inferior quality.

Silo ending explained in detail:

How did George die?

Bernard and Sims bring Juliette to the surveillance room from where they watch Silo. They show her the footage of how George died. It turns out that George killed himself purposefully.

Doug Trumbull was bringing George to Judicial. George was aware that the cameras are watching him. He tricked Trumbull and sat on the edge of the floor.

George knew he was being taken to be tortured so that Judicial can get their hands on the hard drive. To avoid that from happening, he jumped from the floor.

What happens to everyone else?

Once Juliette is sent to give measurements for her suit, Bernard talks to Sims. He admits that he was rash when he said that he was worried about Sims being his shadow. Bernard says that they can have another conversation about it when Juliette is on the hill.

Bernard meets Lukas and informs him that Juliette is now in their custody. He won’t be sent out to clean, considering that he has helped Judicial, but he will be going to the mines for ten years, away from the lights he is studying, even though he is so talented and intellectual.

Billings, back at his house, lets his wife know that Sims has found out about his syndrome. Thankfully, he is not fired. The Mayor and Judicial are instead going to grant him an exemption.

While Juliette’s suit is being made, her friends and family visit her one by one. Martha sends her a message through Shirley. It says, “You wanted the truth. The truth is I give you. Have no fear. They’re good in supply”.

Even Bernard visits her and claims that Juliette’s parents must not have had babies in the first place. Juliette was important to Silo until she became a sheriff and a mortal threat to the place.

When Juliette questions why Bernard won’t tell people the truth, he says the Founders left them with a lot of mysteries. Before sending her out, Bernard grants Juliette’s last wish. He hands her Holston’s badge.

What does Juliette see outside?

Juliette has gathered the biggest crowd that is here to see her clean. Juliette claims that she won’t clean. Once Juliette gets out, she sees the same beautiful paradise that Holston and Allison did. She drops the cloth and doesn’t clean the screen.

Juliette attempts to place Holston’s badge near his body. It turns out that the beautiful scene that Juliette is seeing is not real; it’s a hologram.

Unlike Holston and Allison, Juliette survives. It is hinted that Martha replaced the tapes that are used on Silo’s suits, and Judicial purposefully used to put faulty tapes on suits to make sure that the people who go out to clean die.

Juliette walks up the hill. The moment Bernard realizes that Juliette has figured it out, he heads to a room that opens with a special key he has, which has the number 18 written on it.

Outside, the beautiful scene before Juliette’s eyes disappears, and she sees the real face of the Earth. It has become barren land, and the circles on the land suggest that there are more Silos out there.


  • Silo keeps the adrenaline-filled chase of Juliette going in the tenth episode for the first 10 minutes. The structure of Silo has always intrigued viewers, and watching Juliette go through the chute is scary in itself as heavy stuff keeps falling from above.
  • After getting the audience lured into the structure of Silo, the show leaves them surprised when Juliette finally goes outside. The barren land of Earth is an astonishing display of a dystopian world, and the number of Silos there leaves a viewer wondering how many people have been living underground for years.
  • Silo attempts to keep a number of things a mystery but, at the same time, drops enough clues that will help a viewer realize the kind of world this is and the measures authorities have taken to keep the people under control.
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