Slow Horses season 2 episode 6 recap & review: Old Scores

The finale of ‘Slow Horses’ season 2 sees the members of Slough House taking desperate measures to stop Katinsky. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Lamb calls his office phone, aware that Katinsky is there looking for him. He reminds him of Catherine and asks him to meet him somewhere else, probably at Katinsky’s office.

Catherine arrives at the Glasshouse to look for Louisa and Marcus, who are still trapped above in a room with a bleeding Webb and Kyril.

While Marcus tries to break the door, Louisa tortures an injured Kyril to have him spill out Pashkin’s plan. Kyril reveals that they had to shut down Glasshouse to put a virus into Nevsky’s computers.

Upon questioning further about the security of Nevsky’s computers, Kyril disclosed that they cut Nevsky’s thumb off and asked him for the password in exchange for a quick death back at his house a few days ago.

Marcus and Louisa eventually break down the door and start looking for Pashkin on different floors.

Meanwhile, River, at the Upshott Flying Club, discovers that the bomb is still right there. Alex is flying with nothing in the air. He immediately calls Taverner and notifies her.

Taverner clarifies that it’s too late. If Alex doesn’t communicate in the next minute, they will have no option but to take her down.

River calls Roddy, hoping to extract the location of the plane. Roddy says he can’t help, as he is busy chasing Andrei Chernitsky. Alex establishes contact the moment she gets close to the Glasshouse and assures the fighter planes around her that she is ready to cooperate.

River then asks Roddy where Schernitsky is headed and realizes that he is going after his father. River needs to get to Tunbridge Wells in 30 minutes, and the only way he can do this is through flight. He requests Kelly to fly him there.

On the train, Schernitsky notices Roddy following him around. Roddy gives him a chase, but he eventually gets caught near a toilet.

Shirley, whom Roddy had contacted earlier, makes it in time to the next station. She comes to his rescue.

Schernistky manages to lock them inside a toilet together and proceeds to shoot a few bullets through the door before walking away. Shirley and Roddy survive the shots as they were lying down.

Back at the Glasshouse, the duo of Marcus and Louisa enter a room where they see computers installing a virus into Nevsky’s system. They also find a dead Piotr and come to the conclusion that Pashkin got greedy. He killed Piotr upon discovering some diamonds there.

Marcus goes downstairs to look for Pashkin and comes across Catherine, which clearly means that Pashkin didn’t come this way.

Louisa, on the other hand, goes back to Kyril and shows him what Pashkin has done to his partner. She convinces him that Pashkin was going to kill them anyway.

Kyril then reveals that an air ambulance is coming to pick Pashkin up. Up on the roof, Louisa confronts Pashkin before the air ambulance could land.

She negotiates with him and asks him to tell her why he killed Min. It turns out that Pashkin got rid of Min just because he saw something he shouldn’t have.

A furious Louisa walks straight toward Pashkin with a motive to kill. Pashkin brings his gun out but gets shot by Marcus from behind.

Back at Katinsky’s office, Lamb and Katinsky confront each other. Katinsky claims that he staged the bomb illusion because he wanted to see the Slough House members get professionally humiliated.

Katinsky also discloses that he asked the FSB for the names of the people responsible for killing his associate, Charles Partner, in return for helping them kill Nevsky.

One is Lamb, and the other is River’s father, David. Katinsky is sure that Chernistky has taken care of David by now. He calls him, but it’s River who picks up the phone.

David was prepared for Chernitsky with a shotgun in his hand, as River had given him a heads-up. David killed Chernitsky in one blow, and moments later, River and armed cops sent by Lamb surrounded the place.

Katinsky realizes that his big plan has failed. Jackson decides not to finish him off. Katinsky vows not to spend his life in prison and shoots himself the moment Lamb walks out of his office.

Diana asks Peter Judd to explain to the people that the evacuation at the Glasshouse was just because of a mere radar glitch. Back at her office, Lamb demands a well-respected funeral for Min, but Diana hesitates as Min was a slow horse.

Louisa attends Min’s funeral, and later the entire team gathers to pay respect to Min. They honor him by placing his name on a wall at a church.

Once everyone leaves, Lamb sticks a normal piece of paper with the name of Richard ‘Dickie’ Bough on the wall. The paper falls off seconds later. The paper reads that he served behind the wall and that he was a Joe.


  • The finale of ‘Slow Horses’ season 2 is high on adrenaline. The previous episode brought all the plots together in one place for an episode that conveniently wraps up the cicadas storyline.
  • Almost every other Slough House member gets some action except for Catherine, who has already proven herself in the past few episodes.
  • The confrontation between Lamb and Katinsky is quite tense. Even in such moments, Lamb comes up with the funniest one-liners to lighten a viewer’s mood.
  • Almost every other character gets a proper ending except for Alex, Duncan, and Kelly. The show should’ve shed some light on what happened to them after this Glasshouse incident.
Slow Horses season 2 episode 6
Slow Horses season 2 episode 6 recap & review: Old Scores 1

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