Spy x Family season 1 episode 25 recap & review

The season finale of ‘Spy x Family’ sees Twilight attempting to meet Donovan Desmond at a reception held by the Eden Academy. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Every six months, Eden Academy holds a reception dedicated to Imperial Scholars, their parents, and selected alumni members. Notable politicians, celebrities, athletes, artists, engineers, and other prominent figures also attend this event.

With such people gathering together, Eden’s security is tighter than ever. Even the State Security Service is here to oversee the event.

Twilight, disguised as a professor, is sure that Donovan Desmond will be attending this event. The only problem is that security this tight will not allow him to infiltrate and form a connection with Desmond.

Twilight has thought of every way possible to connect with Desmond. To avoid any suspicion, Twilight likes to believe that he should meet Desmond as Loid, Anya’s father.

Damian is under pressure as his father is visiting. Last night, he requested his brother, Demetrius, to ask his father to meet him while he is at school.

Damian is not sure that his father is even interested in what he is up to, but everyone else around him eagerly wants to see Donovan Desmond, including Anya.

Twilight notes that Desmond will be meeting his father in the inner courtyard of Library II. He intends to follow Damian, who later changes his mind about meeting his father.

He realizes that his father is an important figure, and he must not have time for Damian. This change of mind becomes a problem for Twilight.

Anya hasn’t given up on getting close to Damian and his father either. She confronts Damian and teases him about his scores, stating that he doesn’t want to meet his father because he is afraid that he will get scolded for his low numbers.

The trick worked, and Damian decided to continue with his plans to meet his father. Anya and Becky stayed around Damian, with the former hoping that she would come across Desmond soon.

Things went sideways as Anya fell asleep while waiting around. Becky had to ask her butler, Martha, to pick Anya up as they went back home.

Twilight, as Loid, stayed and used a replica of Anya’s keychain as an excuse to converse with Damian, claiming that she lost that keychain here somewhere.

Desmond’s arrival interrupted their conversation. Loid made his move to talk to Desmond directly. He apologized to him about the time Anya punched Damian.

In his mind, Loid tried to figure out what kind of personality Desmond has, as there is hardly any information about him.

Desmond disclosed that he had heard about this punching incident but didn’t investigate it further. Loid insists that Desmond should let him come to his house so that he can offer a formal apology.

Desmond assures him that an apology is unnecessary. When Desmond rejects Loid’s apology a second time, Loid assesses that now is the time to back out or else Desmond will become suspicious.

Damian is overjoyed to hear that his father cares about him. At the same time, he gets furious when Desmond asks Loid not to apologize.

Loid comforts Damian and promises that an exchange like that won’t happen again. He further states how reckless Anya is, and Desmond kind of agrees with the fact that kids are different and hard to understand.

Still, Loid suggests that they should not give up and should try to understand their kids. They should accept them for who they are. Loid then points out Damian’s assignment, which he had heard about from Anya.

Damian had talked about his father’s occupation. Loid admits that he had different opinions about Desmond’s party, but after learning more about it from Damian’s assignment, he has a change of heart.

Desmond remembers Loid’s name, and that’s what Loid wanted from this interaction. Loid then exits after requesting Damian to not tell Anya about their conversation.

Damian forgets why he planned on meeting his father. He remembers Loid’s and Anya’s words and musters up the courage to talk to his father.

He tells him about his achievements, and Desmond asks him to continue working hard. He makes it clear that Damian shouldn’t bring shame to their family name.

Loid takes note of this conversation from a distance. Loid likes to think that Damian and Desmond’s relationship must continue to be strong for his plan to succeed.

Back home, he comes across a tired Anya, who is fast asleep and talking about defeating a villain.


  • The episode perfectly captures the tension around Donovan Desmond. The highly anticipated arrival pays off. Much like Loid, even the viewers have no clue about this personality.
  • The anime has mentioned Donovan Desmond enough to create a vivid threatening image of him in a viewer’s mind. The introduction of Desmond is written with care, and the anime has continued to keep this character mysterious.
  • Desmond’s introduction aside, the episode wasn’t as exciting as the previous ones. The exchanges between Anya and Damian weren’t up to par, and it felt like Donovan Desmond carried the episode on his shoulders.
Spy x Family season 1 episode 25
Spy x Family season 1 episode 25 recap & review 1

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