Spy x Family season 2 episode 2 recap & review

In Spy x Family season 2 episode 2, Bond strategizes to stay alive, while Damian learns to relax. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


A lazy Bond sees a glimpse into the future about a blackout and fears that the scientist who experimented on him is going to find him and kill him. If that’s not enough, he also overthinks the littlest things, like Yor making food for him, which might kill him.

If he doesn’t eat Yor’s food, he believes Yor will be the one to kill him. He concludes that if somehow Loid comes back home early, he might get some healthy food. Hence, Bond runs away from home.

Bond travels the city and eventually finds Loid, who, as Twilight, is on a mission. Twilight has to retrieve a sample of “Gerrulimus,” a new truth serum that is being developed by Born Industries.

It was a last-minute order. Hence, Twilight didn’t get time to gather information. Twilight can’t disguise without the right information, so he will be breaking in.

Bond’s arrival surprises Twilight. Bond guides Twilight through a route. Twilight wonders if someone has taught Bond this in the past and whether Bond is here to avenge himself and his friends. After all, Born Industries was rumored to be involved with Project Apple.

Since Twilight doesn’t have the right information, he plans to use Bond’s sense of smell to break into the place. Twilight and Bond eventually find out where the serum is.

Bond’s precognitive abilities help him see the arrival of some employees in the room. Afraid that Twilight will instruct him to go away and that he might have to eat Yor’s food, he tries to tell Twilight about the employees.

Due to Bond’s help, Twilight is able to hide and use the employees to retrieve the truth serum. Bond looks into the future and learns that Twilight will now go home early and cook food for him.

Bond rejoices, and Twilight assumes that he is happy because he got to exact revenge on Born Industries.

At Eden, Damian wakes up late and misses his roll call. Henderson punishes Damian by having him help Dorm Mother on a holiday when other kids are going out to the movies.

It turns out that Damian had been studying all night. He plans to get more Stella Stars and earn his father’s approval. Spending time to have fun doesn’t interest Damian anymore. While the other students do that, he is determined to use that time for his studies.

Damian’s friends like to think he is pushing himself too hard. The two sacrifice their holiday for their friend, goof around, and get punished to work alongside Damian.

Henderson appreciates the friendship Damian and his friends share. He sends the three on a field research trip with Mr. Green. Damian’s friends continue to prove their friendship when Damian falls into a river.

They jump into the river to save him, even though none of them know how to swim. It’s Mr. Green who has to point out that the water is shallow.

Damian and his friends learn to hunt and cook their own food in the wild. When Damian thinks that he is wasting his time here, Mr. Green tells them how their brains can be revitalized by just sitting idle sometimes.

Mr. Green takes the students to Stella Lake. He hears what they dream of becoming when they grow up and encourages them to chase their dreams. Lying near Stella Lake with his friends and talking nonsense finally brings a smile to Damian’s face.

The next day, Mr. Green shows Damian’s field research report to Henderson, who is glad that they were able to relax and have fun, but Damian will have to improve his language skills and write a better report.


  • In comparison to the premiere episode of the second season, the second episode is less funny. Bond’s simple plot has him thinking about a number of things within five minutes, which can be too much.
  • It’s a delight to see how Bond can be a huge help to Twilight, which might push Twilight to have Bond play important roles in his missions in the near future. Much like every member of the Forger household, even Bond retains overthinking traits.
  • Damian is still hung up on what his father said to him during the finale of the first season. Considering how much Damian cares about his father’s opinion, his behavior in this episode was a must, and his journey of recovering from it is kept simple, wholesome, and inspiring.
Spy x Family season 2 episode 2
Spy x Family season 2 episode 2 recap & review 1

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