Strong Girl Nam-Soon season 1 episode 11 recap & review: Breaking Point

In Strong Girl Nam-Soon episode 11, Nam-In gets affected by the narcotic as the whole family begins working hard to find the antidote.


Nam-In is hospitalized immediately after Geum-Ju learns about his diet pills being a narcotic and runs to check up on him.

Nam-Soon helps her father track down the person who sold Nam-In those diet pills. They forward the number of the seller to Geum-Ju who finally manages to set up a fake deal with her.

She gets the antidote from her and immediately uses it to treat Nam-In, who gets better as results become apparent within moments of him taking the antidote.

Earlier in the episode, Geum-Ju deploys Jung Na-Young and Reporter Kim to do a special broadcast on the drug well before the channel’s launch date, under the ruse of a “test broadcast.”

When the shipment makes its way to Russia with one puffer jacket less, Ryu Si-O has to face embarrassment when hears about it on the phone, along with the warning about the implications of his failure to fix this error.

He deploys his men to get to the bottom of this mistake and finds out that Jamie Choi, aka Detective Hee-Sik, was behind the botched delivery. Meanwhile, Hee-Sik finds his team leader dead at his apartment.

Before dying, Ha Dong-Suk left a treasure trove of information and helpful progress on the investigations and the culprits.

Enraged and incredibly driven after mourning his team leader, Hee-Sik gets on working, beginning with the arrest of Hairtail, before working to procure warrants for the arrests of more and also to search Doogo’s premises.

Opulentia member informs Geum-Ju that the leader of Pavel, Nozh is in Korea. Meanwhile, Geum-Ju figures out that Ryu Si-O’s endgame is the antidote.


  • Strong Girl Nam-Soon episode 11 sets up the stage for a thrilling turn of events in the upcoming episodes, as Hee-Sik seeks revenge, and Si-O seeks rectification amid frustrations.
  • The gall of Geum-Ju to instantly lash out at Gang Bong-Go for Nam-In’s state is egregious, even if she later apologizes to both his son and her husband.
  • Joong-Gan’s situation is serious and one certainly must empathize with her but her absence at the hospital room and lack of concern for Nam-In seemed a bit off and ludicrous.
Strong Girl Nam-Soon season 1 episode 11
Strong Girl Nam-Soon season 1 episode 11 recap & review: Breaking Point 1

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