Succession season 4 episode 2 recap & review: Rehearsal

Succession season 4 episode 2 follows the siblings discussing whether squeezing Matsson for more money is an endeavor worth it or not, while Logan rouses up the crowd at ATN.


Greg informs Tom that Logan is walking around at the ATN studios, staring down at the workers like a hawk. Meanwhile, the siblings are trying to come up with something that will rejuvenate the dead programming they’d take over from Pierce.

Connor’s wedding rehearsal goes awry and Willa dashes away as he keeps track of her location via his phone — a fact that creeps his siblings but they stay with him to keep him company and console him.

Logan rouses up the team at ATN, telling them that he’s not out of the game just yet and that he’ll be a frequent appearance at the studio, as he also orders them all to show no mercy to the competition.

Meanwhile, Kerri’s awful anchor audition tape is making rounds everywhere, making her a laughing stock. Tom later assigns Greg with breaking the news to her that she can’t become the anchor, which he does, with a great bit of difficulty, winning Kerri’s ire in the process.

Shiv likes Sandi and Stewy’s proposal that they all try to squeeze more money out of Matsson from the deal. Roman and Kendall don’t like daring too much against their father but after Kendall receives a call from Matsson, who threatens him to leave the deal if he pulls any move like the one he’s about to along with Sandi and the lot, he asks for some comparables.

Judging by the numbers, Kendall starts seeing the good in this effort at squeezing the Swede out. The siblings finally manage to convince Roman to hop on board as well. Logan surprises the siblings later by meeting them and saying sorry, only for the sorries to appear anything but genuine.

He asks them to not try and squeeze Matsson for more money as he believes that the Swede will pull out of the deal altogether. However, Shiv leads the dissenting rebellion, staying firm on their decision to do what they believe will make them some more money.

Succession season 4 episode 2 ends with Logan meeting Roman and asking him to lead things and people at ATN, and the youngest sibling seems to be affected by his father’s words when he says that he doesn’t want Roman there, but “needs” him.


  • Succession season 4 delivers a solid episode in “Rehearsal” as more context for the highly dysfunctional dynamics of the Roy family is given, and it’s always great to see what kind of treatment from the family patriarch shaped the siblings into the people they are today.
  • It’s hilarious just how true to his character Logan is as he fails to conjure an iota of genuine emotion while pretending to be compassionate until he doesn’t, which is when he delivers perhaps the most genuine feelings he harbors for his kids as he calls them severely unserious people.
  • Some great Greg and Tom moments in this one, but it could’ve done way better had there been more of their banter.
Succession season 4 episode 2
Succession season 4 episode 2 recap & review: Rehearsal 1

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