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1923 season 1 finale recap, review & ending explained

In the finale of the first season of 1923, Whitfield poses a threat to the legacy of the Duttons while Spencer and Alexandra face yet another challenge in their journey. The episode is now streaming on Paramount+. Recap Father Renaud’s men do not return with Teonna, and the Marshal who killed her grandmother comes to […]

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Trolley season 1 episode 16 recap, review & ending explained

Trolley season 1 episode 16 concludes the show as Hye-Joo reveals her husband’s crime to the world while Seung-Hee finally learns the truth and contends with the regret that it brings to her. Recap Hye-Joo holds a press conference and reveals Joong-Do’s sexual assault of Yeo-Jin, as well as her son not being a sexual […]

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