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Strong Girl Nam-Soon season 1 episode 4 recap & review: Reunion

Strong Girl Nam-Soon episode 4 sees the titular character reunite with her birth family as the threat of drugs looms large in the background. Recap Nam-Soon has an emotional reunion with her birth mother Hwang-Ju, before she reunites with her grandmother, father, twin brother, and the rest of the family. Hwa-Ja or Lee Myung-Hee, bolts […]

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The Crowded Room episode 8 recap & review: Reunion

In episode 8 of The Crowded Room, Rya helps Danny retrace his actions and experiences and how his alters came about, and the purposes they have served till now. Recap Detective Doyle meets Marlin and sneakily tells him that the bruise on his arm he claims a convict gave him seems to be a result […]

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